Dusting off more old tools to make clever envelopes!

I guess you could say I am a bit obsessed with envelopes. I’ve always loved them, I used to save the ones that came in junk mail when I was a kid, I would steam them open and trace them on construction paper to make my own. I still save interesting envelopes that come in the mail to trace! I have designed cutting templates for envelopes, purchased templates and tools and even have a cartridge (from the company that shall not be named) that cuts even more fancy envelopes. So, as you can imageine I have been eyeballing the new Envelope Punch board from WeRMemoryKeepers but I cannot justify one more envelope tool (although if it shows up at Joanns and I have a 50% off coupon all bets are off! LOL!) I really just want the side notch punch that is on the board because 
I can make any size envie I want with my other tools. Then while walking the dog the other day I had an “ah-ha!” moment, remember the Basic Grey Notch and Die tool that everybody had to have a few years back? Come to find out it was not all that useful (great for making slots and tabs for gift cards tho) and I had almost forgot I had it. The right angle notch is perfect for trimming out the bits between the flaps, have a look:

but wait, before you scour eBay looking for one of these discontinued wonders I have another idea, try a square punch, just hold it at an angle and punch with the corner part of the square, easy peasy! Flip over the punch so you can see where you are punching. So there is my quick tip today, I hope someone finds it useful and you are not all rolling your eyes at me because I can’t be bothered to trim off the edges with scissors. 😀 What old tools have you used lately? Dust them off, have a go and til next time happy crafting!

17 thoughts on “Dusting off more old tools to make clever envelopes!

  1. ha! You’re so funny! I have the old notch tool and had a weak moment at a scrapbooking convention last weekend when I bought the WE R Memory Keepers envelope maker. The punch and the measurement guide make it my favorite tool for making envelopes!

    Thanks for the reminder on the notch idea!



  2. Love that you always find a way to re-purpose things! As for the envelope punch board – I love it not just for envelopes but you can make file folders using the cutting thingy. It makes the notches & with a bit of cutting you can have a file folder any size. I teach kinder so I have mini file folders for each kid. It’s fun!
    Thanks for all your tips & tutorials. Also for your beautiful spirit which jumps out from all your videos & blog posts!


  3. i have the envelope maker and it will make envelopes any size practically. Have practiced with it and the punch works very well.


  4. I agree with your comment about “It’s supposed to be that way” My other thoughts ( which I USUALLY don’t vocalize…) are:
    “If you’re looking that close, you’re too damn close” or.. my favorite “Thank you for your input.Maybe when you make your next project , you can show me where I went wrong” ( This actually translates in my head as: “I’m sure the next card you make will be perfect, and I’d love to see it!”)
    This is always said with a smile, but I have never gotten any kind of reply.
    Love your enthusiasm and always look forward to find ways to “de-clutter| my life 🙂


  5. Yet another tool I do not have. No envelope maker tool at all. (big sigh) But, I love your tutorials anyway so I watch them whether I have to tool or not.


    1. no worries, make your own, cut a piece of cereal box 1/4″ larger than the card you usually make, for instance if you make 5″x7″ cards make a 5 1/4″ x 7 1/4″ rectangle, then you can fold your paper around it to make an envelope;)


  6. I love watching and listening to you, you have such wonderful ideas and are so creative. I have a lot of envelope templates and have yet to make a decent envelope. 🙂 I am hoping some day to wake up and be able to be just like you!lol Of course it hasn’t happened and I don’t expect it to soon. Love what you do. Thank you


  7. great tips. thanks. I don’t know how I missed buying that tool!
    I have all the other envelope makers-holding off on the WR M one.


  8. Yes, you do have “mad editing skills”, which is far more than I have. I have never heard of that tool, but I have plenty of others of my own not being used, and I don’t see them getting dusted off anytime soon. Like the hole punch things that have a spring mechanism in them (really noisy and painful on the hand at times), or the 2 inch square punch (guess I was thinking I could not manage to cut a square with my paper cutter????)

    Happy crafting back to you as well!


  9. Thanks for all of your wonderful tips. I was thinking about buying some sponges for background inking,and I happened to see your recent buys(sorry I forgot the nickname), and from where. I was so excited to see the cosmetic sponges you got at the dollar store and was able to purchase some for myself. Thanks! If you do decide to look for a buy on that envelope maker you’ve been talking about, try
    HSN. They had it online, and it was very inexpensive, as are alot of their scrapbooking and crafting products. I hope it is okay to say this. Fairly new to these sites. Blessings.


    1. oh that is perfectly fine, we all want to know where to get a deal and what companies have good service!


  10. Thanks for the tip, Lindsay! I would never have thought of using the square punch … brilliant! Give that dog a pat on the head for me. 😀

    Snoopy 😀


  11. I have the basic grey tool, I have never used it. Thank you for the video, it really helped. I will dig out the tool and actually use it and see if it is something I want to keep or put it in the second hand sale at the local paper arts store.
    Jacquelene L


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