Tips for stubborn stickers and stamps!

Don’t you hate it when your supplies won’t behave? Maybe you have had a stash of stickers lying around for a couple years but when you go to use them they are firmly stuck to their backing paper…or maybe it is a beautiful photo realistic detail stamp that won’t stamp right? Well, I have 2 tips for you to solve those problems in today’s video!

In case it was not clear the silverware peices were stickers I bought 10 years ago when I first started scrapbooking. I bought them for a scrapbook page of my son eating his first baby food. These were leftover from that page and too nice to toss so I kept them. They are metal actually but the tip of heating the stickers with a heat gun will work for any stickers or self adhesive embellishments (just make sure the embellishments won’t melt with the heat!) Also it is a great way to remove price stickers from items! The braying ink tip is one I’ve used for a while, it is really useful if you have only traditional dye based pads. I use this trick when stamping any stamp with a lot of stippling (tiny dots) such as photo realistic stamps and stampscapes and sometimes the really detailed House Mouse Stamps! Nobody likes to waste expensive cardstock so taking the extra minute to grab a brayer is worth it! I hope this tips help you get some use out of old stickers and troublesome stamps (geez, will it be safe to throw anything away again LOL!) and if you have any questions leave a comment! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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