Fabric Stash Storage!

Hello friends! It rained yesterday, really rained and the kids and I were stuck inside but since I like to be home it was nice, I didn’t have great weather to feel guilty wasting;) So I hung out in my sweats and set off to tackle the ever growing baskets of fabric scraps that have accumulated in my craft room. Here is the after picture:

DCF 1.0

Now, if you are brave…or kind…or a highly functioning hoarder like myself watch the video and see how I got my mess under control. Don’t mind the glittery sweats, we are all friends here right?

I have to say I am rather pleased with myself. I did not spend a penny and my fabric is neat and tidy and ready to use and best of all I can get the piece of cloth I want without messing up the rest of the stash.  The best part was that I was able to toss stuff I was given that I did not even like but felt like I should keep anyway. I am stopping that madness! The small scraps of fabric and felt I still like have gone into a bag and I will use it with my kids craft class next month. Tackle the stash, make it usable, toss the stuff you don’t want, make a plan for the rest! BTW if you have cloth you don’t want contact your local Project Linus and they will use the fabric to make security blankets for children in need or maybe turn the stash into a lovely quilt or blanket to donate, that way you can enjoy the cloth, create, destash and feel good;)

Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “Fabric Stash Storage!

  1. I did the same thing, I just didn’t use the card board in the middle. Wrapping around the card board would make a little easier to get the fabric out and back in. (Having the patience of a gnat, that would be way to many pieces of card board to cut.)


  2. Thanks Lindsay, this is a brilliant idea. I’m going to use it in my new ARTHaven. While packing up I got rid of loads of old fabric that I didn’t want (given to a lady who does patchwork) and the rest is loose in a box. Your method is so much better – not only is it tidier and you can see what you’ve got, but it also keeps it flat. Every time I want to use any of mine, I have to iron it first!!



  3. Like your idea…fortunately for me, I got rid of my fabric a few years ago…but replaced it all with PAPER – especially WASHI PAPER – LOL!!
    Paper Hugs,
    PS Enjoying my RolTaps – thanks for that tutorial, etc.!


  4. Thanks for the idea! I have my fabric in a dresser and have to take it all out to look at what I have. Will be collecting empty cereal boxes now for the cardboard.


  5. Great idea, but thank goodness I don’t sew, I would be a fabric hoarder too, lol. Paper hoarding is bad enough! PS, I won’t be teaching a class at the Novi show, just manning the make and takes, but that will be fun for me.


  6. Oh my gosh, one of my goals this year is to organize all my fabrics. My craft and fabrics look like a craft shop!!! This is a wonderful idea, Lindsay. Target has their storage containers on sale for $5, which is an excellent price for the larger size. Sometimes I can find the larger containers at the Dollar stores, too, however in my area the square ones are seasonal. Well I”m off to do more sewing! I am sewing my Documented Life journal this year and it’s so much fun to get back into it.


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