WOYWW: Beads, Books and Blending tools!

Hi there, it is the three “B” edition of What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday, four B’s if you count the barbells that are always around to weigh something down.

DCF 1.0

I have 3 copies of the new book, The Rainbow Paints (now available on Amazon!!!), that I illustrated, a cigar box that I glued scraps of foam board in for dividers to hold some ink blending tools (yes, I broke down and got Judikins color dusters, Sky Blue Pink had 4 packs of the dusters on sale for $3.80 last month) another cigar box that I have my 3 lonely panpastel cakes in and cosmetic sponges I use for chalk blending and my old Stampin up box that I keep my homemade bottlecap ink daubers in. Here is a close up of the cigar box I just altered:

DCF 1.0

Beads! Need I say more? Oriental Trading Company asked me to be one of their bloggers and they sent me a bodacious bunch of beads to use in upcoming tutorials.

And of course I had to find them a home;)

DCF 1.0

I wish I was so organized in the rest of my house LOL! So, wonder what all of thew WOYWW fuss is about? Check out the Stamping ground for more What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday fun and til next time happy crafting!

16 thoughts on “WOYWW: Beads, Books and Blending tools!

  1. I shop Oriental Trading a lot to buy crafts for our home school co-op. And the kids are always looking through their catalogs and asking me for bead projects, but I never know what to make with their lamp work beads. I can’t wait for your tutorials!!


  2. Congrats on your hook-up with Oriental Trading. And as an author I have to say congrats on your illustrations. I need to look up those dusters.
    Creative Blessings on your week! ~Kelly #105


  3. you have got everything so organised a girl after my own heart. I have just found out where I can get some shaving brushes from cheap so I will need some storage for those. Love your video
    Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your week with this lovely weather
    Ria #75


  4. Yes, I am still watching you open the beads. It is exciting! I have wondered about Oriental Trading Company’s glass beads after seeing them for years and it is nice to know they package them well and they are a great quality. Those will make some fun items for sure! 🙂


  5. I LOVE Oriental trading. Being able to do blog spots for free stuff would be awesome. (I have tried getting crafting or homeschooling stuff to review like that with NO LUCK) A girl can wish. I also wanted to comment on your knitting toilet paper tubes. Those are genius. Utilizing some of the stuff on your blog for our homeschool art classes will be awesome. Being on disability leaves me on a limited budget, so you’re just what my wallet ordered!!! Enjoy those awesome beads. (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #3


  6. Loving the look and colors of all your beads and those Judikins Dusters I have only just discovered in someone else’s post. They sound wonderful. Happy WOYWW! Danie #34.


  7. I keep trying to score some old cigar boxes from the local wine shop but every time I stop by they have “just put them in the bin”

    I’ll have to check Amazon UK for the book 🙂

    Happy (late) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (35)


  8. Oh, I’m loving the rainbow pants front cover already! And beautiful beads in happy colours. Congrats on both the book and the linking up with OTC. Hugs and happy crafting, Wendy #121


  9. Great hook up and those beads are really beautiful, love the mushroom ones, so cute. Sorry I am visiting late this week, life got in the way again but I am determined to visit.

    Belated WOYWW
    Eliza 26


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