A new fun toy and a busy weekend!

Helloooo friends! I was up late last night working on a parade float (I’ve never helped make a float before and it is surprisingly much like making a pinata, only way bigger!) and as soon as I am done writing this post (and drinking my huge bowl of coffee) I will be loading my van up with my displays and wares for a craft fair I signed up to do (at the last minute) tomorrow. Wow, it that last sentence doesn’t bring out the parenthesis police I don’t know what will! Oh did I mention I have my first book signing and special craft with Kelly Brooks Bay in the afternoon tomorrow too? Parade, craft fair, book singing…hmmm, I might have to put a big coffee can on my craft fair table with a hole cut in the top for money and have an “self service craft table. While getting ready for the craft fair I decided to package up some of the cards that I have made lately. I needed to make envelopes for some of the non-standard sizes so I used a new tool to do that. I got a $50 gift certificate from Crafters Companion as a publication intensive and used $12.95 of it on theย Envelobox Creator.

I plan on doing a video on making the boxes with this as well and using the embossing designs on the template. I am really happy with this tool and the price is great for such a sturdy item. They have a big kit called the Ultimate Tool that this Envelobox will go in but since I already have a scoring board I did not buy it. My only concern is that I will loose the scoring pen so I put everything pack in the plastic bag it came in for now. I hope you have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

24 thoughts on “A new fun toy and a busy weekend!

  1. The parenthesis police get me (all the time……). Sometimes they (parenthesis) are the only thing that makes my thought work (the way it should.) lol. I love my Ultimate Tool from Crafter’s Companion, it came with directions for making all kinds of easy wedge boxes, popping boxes, and more. Enjoy your busy day and hope you have enough coffee! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hi Lindsay,

    Thanks a ton for this vid. That chart is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Now my envelopes won’t have “extra” score lines:)

    Hope your busy day is full of fun and incoming ca$h!

    You rock!


  3. Oh boy! I think I have this product. I bought it on HSN a few years back for double what you paid. I found it to be a bit confusing, so reverted back to my A2 Kreate-a-lope. You made this look so easy, and I think I will pull it out and give it another chance. Please show more of it . . . if you get a quick minute. And I thought that I went in eight directions at once! As always, thanks for all you do.


  4. Great video Lindsay, great tool, I like how it takes all paper sizes without taking up a huge amount of space too, really looks easy. ~Diane


  5. I have the ultimate by Crafters Companion (or CComp as I call them, it’s easier to type LOL) I have all the boards too (except the handbag, newest, one) it’s very handy for all your scoring. with that and the envelobox box you can make any sized envelope up to 12X12.
    I highly recommend the ultimate & boards.


  6. Oooh busy busy busy as usual, Lindsay! How you have time for all you do, I will never know – and being such a wonderful mum too. Well done! You are an inspiration. Hope your hubby is getting on with his convalescence after surgery.

    Thanks for your lovely comment – looking at the electric fire and the pics of my new ARTHaven, I’m hoping I’m going to have room to get at that corner with my sewing machine with the fire there – it’s rather a small space! We shall have to see.

    No one could ever put your basement craft room to shame – it’s wonderful, and so organised! I really enjoyed your recent video about it. Talking of videos, I am seriously thinking of getting myself another video camera as the one I’ve got makes my computer crash (even after I reformatted the HD) – I have to transfer the clips to my other laptop, and the process keeps stopping, and then when it’s eventually complete, I have to copy the whole thing back onto the big laptop. It’s a nightmare, and puts me off doing videos at all! It’s rather an old video, and has tapes. I can use the video function on my lovely digital camera, but the results come out a bit over-exposed (requiring work to put right) and the sound isn’t as good. I’ve done a bit of research on yours, which is USB and has memory cards which sounds a lot easier. Your results are certainly impressive. Any more info about it would be gratefully received – you can always email me.



    1. Hi Shoshi, I really like my new camera, I can shoot the video and upload it, done! I can even snap decent photos with it. Since it charges with a USB plug I wonder if it would be voltage compatible for Europe? I would think so, well I guess they would not sell incompatible ones in the UK. I’ll send you an email so if you have any specific questions you can let me know. I can’t imaging dealing with tapes ever again LOL! I’d be “put off” too!


  7. Hi Lindsay! I love your write-up and the video on the new Envelobox! I’ll be going to the Heirloom Scrapbook Convention next weekend here in Texas! After viewing all your vids from the show in Massachusetts, I’m really looking forward to visiting the same vendors! Maybe I’ll even see an Envelobox to purchase there! Happy crafting right back atcha!


    1. Tell ‘um Lindsay-The Frugal Crafter sent you LOL! You will have a ball, be sure to see Judikins if she is there, she is delightful and has the best demos and is so happy to share everything she knows.


  8. Hey LIndsay, thanks for the video! I’ve been wanting to to get the new envelope maker, but thought twice about it because I have a Crafter’s Companion enveloper maker too! The only hard thing is cutting off the notches haa haa!

    Best wishes on your craft fair and relax – it’s summer – the lazy days of summer, remember?

    Hugs, and happy crafting!

    Carmen L


  9. You are one busy woman! I hope the entire day is a success and no one takes a stick to your “pinata float.” A craft fair and book signing on top of that is REALLY over the top–tee hee. I know you enjoy it all. We’ll look forward to reports “from the front.”


  10. I use EK Success Empressor stylus to make my envelope,so I don’t tear the paper. I’m interested what you come up with making A2 envelopes using. I have the Ultimumate Crafting Companion tool 2010 model and I wished I had waited bought the 2013 set because it has the dragonfly, heart + butterfly decorative embossing shapes. I never use this to make boxes. Maybe you will inspire me to make boxes with this CC tool. Love your tips and you make me laugh with your humor!
    Happy Crafting!


  11. Thanks for the tutorial. I have the Ultimate and haven’t used it. Time to get it out! Where do you buy the cello envelopes?


    1. I bought my at Uline years ago in boxes of 1000, I go in with friends and we split an order. If you can have it shipped to a business address because it is cheaper, shipping can be high to residential addresses. I just found out Papermart has them too, check the prices and shipping for the sizes you want to see who is cheaper. Here they are on PApermart: http://www.papermart.com/?origin=thefrugalcrafter

      And on uline: http://www.uline.com/BL_5561/Resealable-Polypropylene-Bags


  12. That looks like one of the easiest envelope makers I have seen yet. Gonna have to check that one out since I don’t have one. Thanks for the demo.


  13. Will miss the parade and festivities- in Old Orchard Beach for wedding!! But enjoy and Lucy and Alden should be picking up a book for me!! Have a great day!!!!lorraine ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I saw them today at the fair and book signing! The girl scouts won 1st place with their “Root Beer Float” float, it was an awesome day! Sorry you missed it. Did you have a nice time at the wedding? Looking forward to scrapping this fall with you!


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