WOYWW: The Birthday Edition

Howdy folks! Lindsay here with a late WOYWW post…well, it is still Wednesday so I guess it isn’t late at all. Today is my birthday and look what my hubby surprised me with:

DCF 1.0

A leather apron and cool welding goggles to keep me safe at the torch! I love making glass beads with the the kit he gave me for Christmas but after someone told me that they burned themselves when a piece of glass broke off and landed on their shirt I wanted a leather apron. I didn’t mention this to my husband until Monday (2 days before my birthday) but he still manged to find one and the goggles that should help me see the bead better when I am making them by cancelling out the orange of the flame. I can’t wait to try it! Want to see more crafty desks? Head over the Julia’s blog The Stamping Ground for the full list of WOYWWers! Til next time happy crafting!

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