How To Make Burlap Flower Brooches and Barrettes!

This project is so easy you will want to make some for yourself and your friends. It only takes minutes to make these flowers.  You will need Burlap Ribbon, Felt, Hot Glue and a Button, Bottle Cap or other embellishment for the center and any other pretties you would like to add (I used skeleton leaves and glitter!) Watch the video to see how:

If you want to see how I fixed my hair today I have a quick tutorial here. Be sure to visit Papermart to see the lovely burlap ribbons and other goodies they offer. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


7 Responses

  1. Very clever, I would love to see these in my granddaughter’s hair!


  2. Beautiful !!


  3. Hey there how are things on your side of the world?? Got a way off crafting question…do you juice??? If so (or if not even) I am looking for juicer each one has 50/50 reviews…love it buy it..or hate it never buy! Not looking for smoothies…ewwww..any comments??? thanks heaps in advance if any input!
    Exhausted and off to bed
    Jackie P
    PS Not looking to go broke buying one of these things LOL


    • Thinks are good Jackie, yes I do a 5 day juice fast 2 times a year. I have a Juiceman Juicer that we got about 13 years ago. It is a b*^$# to clean though so if I had to get a new one I’d try and find an easy clean one;) Juicing is great to jump start a healthy eating plan and get back on track, I will do my next juice reboot July 15th because 2 of my kids will be at camp and I can get a wee bit testy during a fast LOL! Have you seen the docum,entary “Fat sick & nearly dead” I think you can watch it on youtube and it is on netflix. They have a great website called “Reboot” here is a link: check out the blog while you are there. Good luck juicing! I recommend borrowing one if you can to try it out or go in with a friend, I only use my juicer when on a fast because cleaning it is too muck work on a daily basis and I eat a vegan plant based diet anyway so I’m never too far off track. It takes up quite a bit of cupboard space too. Maybe a local helth food store will rent you one. I am not a fan of smoothies either, ha ha! Also if you want to juice with me I can exchange emails with you, let e know;)


      • Wow how did I know that of anyone you would enjoy juicing! So far everyone has looked at me as if I had lost my mind when I mention juicing something other than apples or carrots! Anywhoooo I used to live in West Palm Beach and going to a health store or anyplace that sold juices was pretty common…actually far easier than finding a Mc Donalds LOL…I know hard to imagine these days…so basically I would get one anytime and they were perfect for long extended work weeks when eating was far and few inbetween! Now I am stuck on east side of ugghh can you imagine Cleveland Ohio!! I mean really of all places! Don’t get me wrong I am sure it has it’s high points but I have always believed only value of this place is nuclear testing..oh did I say that? opps!
        So needless to say finding a place to get juice is not easy at all…and I really believe it would be me a world of good to get back into drinking it. I have just never had to do the work! So far I am leaning toward the Jack LaLanne far it is the only one (honestly) that I haven’t seen get completely trashed on reviews. I don’t think there is such a thing as easy to clean or quick for that matter for a juicer.. I mean even my 2 food processors took a minute to clean..but to me there just isn’t anything better than fresh marinade. In Florida basically I didn’t eat anything processed and I felt amazing!!!! Currently I feel closer to walking dead?? yeh that pretty much sums up how I feel most of the time..well except when I am trying to sleep (which I also blame the lack of on my diet). So I need to get back to eating smart. Which leads me to juicing..and my lack of how to make it. I am ordering it this weekend and won’t have it for 3-4 weeks, so I will have to juice with you next time around. But if you have any recipes..hints…tricks you can share I would vastly appreciate it. My main concern is I really enjoyed 90% of all the ones I have tried..there was a few that were really earthy?? ewwww I am almost dreading the trial and error on how to get them to taste good ( another area that any help would be appreciated) on how did you learn?

        Here is the link I was leaning toward the express deluxe…I don’t mind getting the pro I just cannot figure out what the advantage is. As I said I wanted to order this weekend..but with any type of $$$$ I spend I have to analyze it to death to make sure I am getting exactly what I want and need. I will admit I found this one machine that ohh my it does everything!!! got a bit of price tag but ohh my I would use it to death! Think it was the Samson one I mean it even makes baby food and sorbet!!!! And a ton of other things that I would use completely…but not in budget right now and I need juicer now.

        Well it’s getting late and I have rambled enough!
        Hope you have a nice 4th of July, take the kids and go enjoy some fireworks! Maybe I am biased since I am a licensed pyro tech but there is nothing better to forget about things that a good show!

        Take care…chat soon
        Jackie P


      • I’ll send you an email Jackie;) I could not find the orginal Juiceman Juicer that I have online but the new Juiceman is $70 on Amazon with free shipping but it looks totally different. I have only used the one juicer though so I have no comparison.


  4. These look gorgeous! ~Diane


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