Quick & Easy Summer Hair!

It’s summer and the last thing I want to do is mess around with my hair (not that I mess with it that much in the winter LOL!) so here is a quick and easy everyday hair style you can try. All you need is a sock (try and find one that is similar in shade to your hair) and a barrette or hair pin. I’ll show you how to make the barrette I am wearing later this week! Happy crafting!

16 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Summer Hair!

  1. I have a question about your huge stamp holder for acrylic stamps. What is the handle and what glue used. Thanks, hugs, Jeanielou


    1. Do you mean my big curved acrylic stamp mount? It is a Mega Mount from Impression Obsession and the handle comes glued on just like that;)


    1. maybe you need to update your flash player. That is the only thing I can think of as I have watched my videos on TV, tablet, laptop and PC with no trouble. you can also try watching the videos on youtube instead of the player on my blog, it might work better for you that way.


  2. I love it Lindsay! I have the kind of hair like the dolls of old, where you just pull it and it grows!! LOL! It drives me nuts, but I should not complain as hubby is almost completely bald. So I must count it as a blessing, but to have some things to do with it are sure helpful. Thanks for sharing this and I look forward to seeing how you created that gorgeous barrette!! Hugs Lori


  3. I don’t have long hair but I’ve always wondered how that was done. Thanks for enlightening me. It looks much cooler than long hair down around your face, neck & shoulders.


  4. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, Lindsay, and for your good wishes for my upcoming colonoscopy. I had one many years ago (they didn’t give you a sedative then!!) and I know all about the medicine you have to take beforehand, so I am prepared for that. Probably the worst part is having to starve! It won’t do my waistline any harm but I do enjoy my food!!! The whole thing is pretty horrible, not to mention undignified lol! – but as you say, it’s worth going through to find out if there’s anything nasty, and to be reassured if there’s not.

    Hope your hubby is going on OK after his surgery.



    1. In the states they give you a amnesia narcotic that allows you to be awake during the procedure but you forget the unpleasantness after it is done I am told. Maybe it will be that way for you as well;)


  5. Hey Lindsay, you are such a crack up!! Good idea with the socks that have no mate – I wonder if they have a party in sock heaven and talk about us LOL Looking forwaqrd to the pin tutorial!

    Carmen L


  6. love it! i’m SO going to have to try that. is there any cool hair styles for people with long hair but chin leingth bangs???



  7. Hi Lindsey, Now you tell me when I recently got my long hair cut off because it was so frustrating. Now I just wash and go.
    Love your videos and it so suits you to wear your hair up. Keep the tips coming as you are such fun to watch and learn from.
    Love from the UK – Tracy


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