Cheerful Cherry Jewelry! {video}

I had a few minutes the other day and I wanted to make something cheerful and fun:

DCF 1.0

I had some glass pearls that I got for 40 cents a strand at Micheal’s and I knew they were perfect!

DCF 1.0

I knew my daughters had leaf shaped beads because I helped them sort their beads last winter, found ‘um!

DCF 1.0

After experimenting with beads and making one big and one small cherry motif I turned on my camera so you can see how easy it is and sine I have no time to edit you can watch me drop stuff too!

I decided that the big cherries were too big and heavy for earrings so I used them on a necklace instead. Happy Crafting!

15 thoughts on “Cheerful Cherry Jewelry! {video}

  1. Oooh how pretty and summery, Lindsay! I love them! Like you, I think I prefer the smaller pair – the sheen on the red pearls is lovely. They are really fun, and bound to cause some comments, I should think.

    I do hope things are going OK for your family, and that soon you will have some good news that all is on the mend.



  2. Lindsay, every time I try to go to your website, this website comes up:

    Is this something wrong with my computer, or is there something “stuck” on your side? It’s very frustrating and I have to go to one of your blog emails to get to you. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!


  3. Okay, now a question. I have taken all my stamps off the wood blocks (what a job! sticky, sticky, and did I mention, sticky?!) Okay, now, I want to stamp the image and put it on the back of the stamps so I know what they are. What would you suggest? I need to attach the stamped image to the stamp and them be able to adhere the stamp to my acrylic blocks. What glue(s) would you suggest?

    Thanks! Beth


    1. I would trace the outline of the rubber stamp face down on cling foam and cut it out and stamp the image with staz-on on the cling side of the foam, then plan e the stamp on the sticly side.


      1. I should have asked you before I put all my stamps on the cling foam and cut them out! So now I have to stamp the image on paper (typing paper, maybe?) and glue them to the cling foam. So what kind of adhesive and process would be best so that it will cling to my acrylic blocks? Thanks, Lindsay! Beth


      2. I would not bother personally. If you have an image you need to orient (like for 2step stamping) just put a corresponding dot in the same spot on the stamps or just draw an arrow to show what way to stamp it. I have never needed to stamp the back of the rubber. You could stamp the images on cardstock sheets and laminate them and store the cling stamps there so you can see how they look stamped and if you 3 hole punch them you can put them in binders.


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