Gelato Resist Card!

Hey, I just wanted to clarify that I will still post quick projects and techniques through the summer. Craft Therapy you know 😉 OK folks, one more technique using the shrubbery  stamp from Lost Coast Designs. I love to see how many ways I can use a stamp, don’t you? Here I made a resist image on a page ripped from a book the library was tossing in the dumpster:

DCF 1.0

It is easy and only takes a few minutes, see how in today’s video:

If tearing a page out of a book makes you cringe you can always scan a page from a book or use a non glossy magazine page. Experiment! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “Gelato Resist Card!

  1. Great, Lindsay! Love this. Once you have done all your samples, you could bind them into an album – all the same image, different treatments, with a note for each one on how you did it. Great resource!

    I really want to try all these once I’m up and running again. I don’t have these gellato pencils – would Inktense pencils do it?



  2. This is just wonderful. I always had read to use shiny paper but I don’t always them on hand. You make it fun and I have all the tools to make this process. Hope all is well with you and yours soon.


  3. Great idea Lindsey! You are so creative. I don’t know where you get all of these ideas. We sure appreciate you sharing them.


    1. Jan, did you move your blog? I know you are always creating but the blog I know is yours has not been updated since last summer.


  4. Just so you know the embossing ink did show up on camera very well. Did you put your clear embossing powder in the squeeze bottle or did you buy it that way, I like how it squirted right out for you. Love this technique, as with all of yours. ~Diane


  5. Hi Lindsay! Have you ever done any quilling? (I’m thinking, of course!) Would you please show us how to do some quilling? TFS, Beth


  6. I used to cringe at “hurting” a book when using it for some kind of a craft project. The books I use are well loved and ready for the dumpster. I give this book a new life and love it one more time by turning it into a craft!


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