The Last Demos from the Heirloom Stamp Show and Paper Arts Festival!

Wow, what a weekend! I had such a blast at the Heirloom Stamp Show in West Springfield MA this weekend! A few people actually came up to me to say “hello” because the recognized me from my blog, I felt like a celebrity! Now I know how Martha Stewart must feel, yeah right! 😛 I was so surprised at how tired I was today though, I uploaded the final videos, made a trip to the grocery store and unpacked my bags and that was my day in a nutshell. I didn’t put anything away though, it is all sitting on my craft table because you know I’m gonna show you what I bought…just not tonight, I’m too droopy and poopish for that! So without further ado here are the final demos!

Let’s start off with Stacey from Sweet Stamps who is going to share a different glitter sheet stamping technique (I think I like this better than the permanent marker technique!):

One of the booths I liked the most was Rubbernecker Stamps, I shopped it both days actually and the ladies doing the demos were so sweet, here is Julia with a very easy shading technique and a DIY inkpad idea:

Ann from Rubbernecker showed us how easy it is to get a watercolor look with their watercolor flower stamps:

Here is a super fun technique from Pat, the Technique Junkie herself, of Technique Junkies Newsletter, using Goosebumps spray mist. I love how she encourages us to use what we have!

Mary Beth from QKR Stampede shows us an easy way to use metal leafing, I have leafing that I never got the hang of so I can’t wait to try this, really cute stamps at her booth too (I came home with a couple!)

Stamp On It! had some beautiful samples of Peel Off Stickers that were embossed, it looks really complicated but it is easy, check it out!

And that wraps up the Heirloom Productions Stamp Show & Paper Arts Festival coverage from me! I hope you enjoyed these reports as much as I enjoyed bringing them to you. I highly recommend visiting a stamp convention if you can because it is so fun and inspiring. Also big thanks to all of the vendors that graciously let me film their demos and to Heirloom Productions for allowing me to cover the event. Thanks for visiting the stamp show with me and til next time happy crafting!

17 thoughts on “The Last Demos from the Heirloom Stamp Show and Paper Arts Festival!

  1. Yes, you are a celebrity! I was there and am so sorry I did not see you! Thank you so much for the videos. It is like I could go back and see the show all over again. Thanks for all of your inspiration and all you do.



  2. You did a fabulous job. Thanks for bringing us such cool techniques. Right before I sat down to watch todays videos I was looking for my bottle of Goose Bumps, what a coincidence. Now I’ve gotta find it!!


  3. I was there all day Saturday. I did not get to see you, but then again I couldn’t even find the friend with whom I arrived! You captured the show so well. You showed me some things that I had missed. I can even share the day with my 90 year young Mom who always wonders what I do for 5 straight hours in Springfield every year. Now she will understand the “call of the wild”! THANK YOU SO MUCH


  4. Thanks for all the videos. I could not make the show this year and now I feel like I’ve been there! Thanks a lot.


  5. Oh Lindsay! I can not thank you enough for taking the time to film all of the demos and all of the booths that you did! I have never been to the Stamp show before and you brought the show to me! What a great experience! Thanks again!


  6. Mornin’ Lindsay!

    Thanks for another great set of videos. It seems we are drawn to the same booths. It’s great to have a refresh on the things I saw in Philly. I didn’t remember as much as I thought I did.

    Hope you recover fully so you can play with your new stash!



  7. Thanks so much for posting the clips from the show. It was wonderful to see the demos and new products. The only bad thing is that now I’m thinking that I NEED to go to the one that comes close to my home. You are just the cutest enabler!


  8. Hi Lindsay! how fun to find the Rubbernecker video of ME here!! It was nice meeting you and your friends at the show – I forgot to say in the video that you make the multi color ink pad using the Distress Ink Reinkers! hopefully people figure that out!!!


  9. Great demos, what was the name of the stick on powder used with the metal flaking or cinnamon? I did not catch it. Thanks also for showcasing Stamp on it, a wonderful Michigan (Yea Michigan) based business! ~Diane


  10. Lindsay – you gotta tell us/ show us more about Peerless paints – I am absolutely intrigued – do you have any? What are they? Thanks for bringing us these technique vids and answering all my stupid questions.


      1. Thanks – it appears that they are not available in South Africa – going to have to do something about that. If you were going to order something watercolour-y – would you get Derwent Inktense (blocks or pencils) or would you get peerless paints? Peerless seems to have a greater variety for less – but I am thinking it may not be as vibrant as Inktense – I have the Derwent regular watercolour pencils and I love them, so I imagine the inktense version would be uber cool. But I am really interested in the peerless paints now? What would you do? I think I am going to make one of the bracelets that go WWLD!!! (what would Lindsay do)


      2. you are so funny! I would go with the inktense pencils, the big set if you can afford it, they will complement the regular derwents, it is like the lightest inktense pencil is a shade darker than the darkest derwent. i used both sets illustrating a book, i needed the derwent for skin tones and the inktence for the vibrant colors of clothes and toys. They were great together! you can always find a rough piece of plastic (scuff a plastic lid with sandpaper) and scribble color from the pencils there then pick it up with a wet brush like you would with peerless too, I think the pencils are more versatile and longer lasting. I don’t know about cost of products in your country, that is something to look at but I love the inktense pencils;)


        1. Thanks Lindsay – great to know that they will blend together as well. I think I might have to buy them from abroad – the only place I could find here that has them only had them in sets of 12, and the set of 12 here costs almost as much as the set of 24 that I saw on the Blick site.


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