A winner and another resist card!

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is recovering from the long Memorial Day weekend! Last week I had an About Art Accents stamp giveaway and today I can announce the randomly drawn winner: Rita Ruff! Congrats Rita, I have sent you an email so check your spam folder if you have not seen it yet! here is another card made with the resist technique from last week and some of my homemade gelatin print paper:

DCF 1.0

I use another stamp From About Art Accents on that card too! Also I scanned some of my favorite gelatin prints and I have packaged them in a printable kit for sale, if you are interested you can find them in my shop.

Gelatin Print Art Papers

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

11 Responses

  1. Just so very lovely!


  2. Your card is lovely Lindsay…TFS all those prints too!


  3. Hello there Lindsay
    You are so awesome! You never fail to inspire me and also make me laugh…both of which the world needs more of. I have nominated you for an award
    I hope you accept it! Keep up the great work!


  4. Congrats to Rita! Beautiful card and great prints too! ~Diane


  5. They are beautiful!
    With your home made version I may just have to try these plates out to see what all the rage is about. For some reason the concept if these vs just using stencils, masks and ink directly on your paper just isn’t clicking. I think it’s a have to try it myself to understand thing perhaps.
    Thanks yet again for all your great info here Lindsay


    • when you see it in person you can tell the difference! When you press a leaf on the inked plate, print, remove the leaf and print again it looks like a photo, you get amazing detail and textures. Stenciling is an additive technique (you add paint to the paper) but this printmaking method is opposite, you ink the plate then you remove the paint in layers and you can print over layers, it is much more spontaneous, surprising and artistic! You’ll see!


  6. I am sooo excited! I can not believe I won. Thank You! I look forward to using the stamp set. Always look forward to your new ideals and wonder how you come up with such a variety of creations. Love your new card as well.


  7. I Linsay thank for sharing every thing I learn lot from our video and congrat Rita have fun with them


  8. Wanted to stop by and say that I loved the paper bow tutorial on Youtube. Hope you are well.


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