Happy Memorial Day!

The sun is shining! The floor solvent fumes have dissipated, the kitchen floor is not done but I did manage to de-sticky the original floor that was exposed, I’ll wait til the kids are back in school to remove the remaining tiles and adhesive, no need for all of our lungs and brain cells to suffer LOL! P.U.! I plan to get outside and enjoy this sunny day! Before I do I want to share a simple necklace I made last month but never got around to posting:

DCF 1.0

I used 3 strands of tiger tail. I put the large glass beads on first then strung on e beads in red, clear and blue and loosely braided them before securing the ends with crimps and a toggle clasp. Very summery. Very Maine.

DCF 1.0

That all for me today! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day!

  1. I thought the charm was a snowman! Very cute necklace. You have such an amazing range of abilities. You go girl. When I get a notice from you that you’ve uploaded a YT video, I immediately go there. YOu have soooo much energy and spunk…it makes my day. TFS


  2. Love your site. What I love most is the variety. You can do anything and everything. I am also learning so much with your “ask a crafter” series. I’ve already made your floozy scarf, some glass pendants and your spray inks. Since you inspire me to try new things, and lots of them, I just bought some chalk pastels as well as some shimmering water colors. I’m wondering if you have any tutorials for different ways to use them. I am totally new to these techniques but I’m jumping in with both feet. Since I’m also a beginning card maker, I want to expand into using these for cards – maybe. Any ideas or tutoring you can give would be a great help. Thanks.


    1. one of my favorite techniques with chalk is st stamp an image with clear embossing ink and use a q-tip to pounce chalk on it, the technique is called poppin pastels, I have used the technique in several videos;)


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