WOYWW & Ask a Crafter Week 5!

Howdy folks, it is still raining but that’s OK, I have plenty of projects inside to keep me busy. I was asked for 2 more illustrations for the book I am working on (got to finish that today!) and I am in the process of tearing up my kitchen floor…never a dull moment! Why am I showing you my desk you ask? Because it is time for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday!


And since it is Wednesday it is time for Ask a Crafter, it’s another epic (epic as in long that is…) broadcast answering 3 pages of great crafty questions. I’ve heard from a few viewers that they play it and listen to it as they go about their crafting or chores, works for me!

If you want to see more crafty desks check out the WOYWW fun at the Stamping Ground! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

25 thoughts on “WOYWW & Ask a Crafter Week 5!

  1. Those illustrations for publication can be a bear!
    thanks for welcoming me- and all of your fans!
    working on my ATC’s for next week- if I can find whrer they are in all my mess!
    Robyn 94


  2. You look so ethereally gorgeous in this video – your hair is amazing – I love all the waves, and curls and layers. I couldn’t see anything wrong with the shawl, no weirdness at all. I love these videos, and always watch to the end – a lot of the questions you answer are things that I have wondered about at some stage and have never really got around to researching or testing the answer to – and so these are great because it answers all those questions that I have forgotten that I have wondered about. I love the tip about holding the scissors at an angle and moving the paper instead of your hand.


  3. I MUST have the pattern for that beautiful shrug! Please tell me where to find it. Loved your video – so so helpful!


  4. Thanks Lindsay. I so appreciate your generosity, your kindness and your delightful sense of humor.

    I found your envelope link and also found a website that had some math for other size cards online…


    I’m looking forward to next week’s episode of ask a crafter! Btw, my hubby was listening with me today and thought it was great that you are a Dr. Who fan! (he heard you mention the characters when you showed your stamps) 🙂

    Thanks also to the other viewers for asking questions I hadn’t thought of but am thrilled to hear the answers!

    Peace & blessings,


  5. Another great episode! Loved the tip on Ponds. I have a good friend, southern Belle, who has beautiful skin, and she has used Ponds forever.

    Thanks for all the great information!!!

    One of the questions was how to make cards faster–you suggested using scraps, setting a time limit. Great tip.

    I have the same problem– waffling too much, taking too much time deciding what to put on my card and it frustrates me–because of too much stuff.

    I’ve discovered this about myself: When I had less ‘stuff’ I was more creative and it reflected in my work. Now I am choking on stuff–all of which I love–but it hinders me instead of being a blessing.

    Too much stuff can limit creativity because it boxes us in instead of allowing us to soar. Any suggestions on how to turn that around?

    I don’t want to get rid of my stuff–it is good stuff. But how can I use it to promote my creativity instead of hinder it?

    Another thing that hinders my creativity: I’m a neat freak–and making a mess when I create hinders me, so I clean up as I go because I just cannot work in a mess. Any suggestions on how to relax and not let the mess of creation prevent productivity and creativity?

    I often will not start a project because my craft room is so neat and tidy and I don’t want to mess it up!! PS I was forced to color in the lines in kindergarten back in the 1950’s so it’s deeply ingrained. Also the sky was always blue, the grass green, etc.

    See–your followers have lots of issues LOL–our lifestyle truly affects our creativity!!..Any lifestyle tips that will help us create would be welcomed.

    Sorry this is so long–but you are inspiring and when I get inspired I run long!


    1. Don’t apologize;) You sound like a perfectionist, I think it is hard for some people to let go, I’ll share my thought and ideas on this next week, how to let go and create. It is a skill to learn, it dose not come naturally to everyone but you can learn it and make it second nature!


  6. Where do I start???? You are an amazing person and I completely enjoy each and every one of your videos. I always learn something new. My biggest problem is remembering all that you share! But, at least I know where I can find the information. Thank you soooooooo much. I have been doing art projects since I was a child and it has always been a part of my life even though I don’t do it consistently. It is my escape passion. So, I do have a question for you….You obviously LOVE your work. What do you do for your escape and relaxation?
    Keep up the great work and a big thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge.


  7. Great episode Lindsay! Maybe you could do a Dr Who Digital stamp set in your free time (since you have so much of it), ha ha ! Another tip about fussy cutting is to have a pair of small scissors, I cut the overall image with my regular scissors then to get in close I have a small pair (Cutter Bee makes some) that are only 3 inches long (including handles). Look forward to next weeks episode. ~Diane


  8. ok, I think I’ve asked a question each week! I just love your video’s. Here’s another question for you: I keep seeing people on blogs making Tags. It looks like an easy way to be creative but….. What the heck do you do with them?


  9. I’m with Carolyn! What does a person do with all those tags?! 🙂 Loved the video, even if you started off like a hot mess! 🙂 No criticism intended as I would have just started off like a mess, no hotness at all! lol Your skin is luminous, though. Ponds, you say? Hmmm, may have to give it a go. 🙂 Joining you from WOYWW, so I’m #166 if you have a chance to return the visit. 🙂 And thanks for all the answers, now I have to watch the other vids when I get a chance as I’m sure they are all chock full of crafty goodness, too! 🙂


  10. Hi Lindsay! Love your energy, sense of humor, and , of course, your “frugal” answer to projects and problems.

    I would like to know how to take my wood block stamps apart and turn them into cling stamps. They take up too much room and, unless they’re all lined up, it’s hard to find the one I’m looking for.



  11. I am sooo loving Q&A Wednesdays. Thank you so much. All the info gets those creative juices flowing.


  12. So for the home stamp maker, if you have a xyron sticker maker, it makes adding the adhesive back so easy! The xyron is relatively inexpensive and I use it for tones of stuff, it’s one of my favorite crafting items.


  13. Lindsay, I wish you could bottle and sell some of that energy! It would be the best craft supply I could ever purchase!!! I’m frugal about all my craft purchases, but that I would splurge on 🙂 So, I’ve been a PTA Officer for 4 years and have just officially “retired”. The last few years, I wish I could have entered in challenges but either didn’t have the time, or didn’t have a blog to post pics on even if I did. I’d like to start a blog now, if just to show my creations to my crafty friends more easily. Are you happy with WordPress? Why did you pick them to begin with over Blogger, etc. What would you recommend for the non-professional crafter wanting to start a blog?


    1. Hi Karen, I just got this question and I have already done my video for this week but I was talk about blogs in the week 7 ask a crafter, pros and cos of wordpress vs blogger etc. I am very happy with wordpress and it is free so you can play along and see what you think until then!


      1. Thanks Lindsay! I was afraid I was too late for the week, but I’m glad I threw it in there anyway. I have faith that you checked it out thoroughly before making the plunge with WordPress, I know there must be a good reason, so I’ll stay tuned (and to the end!) for the answer 🙂


      2. really Karen, you think I looked before I leaped? Have you met me LOL! I got lucky with wordpress but I am so glad I chose it! More on next weeks video!


  14. Finally had the time to watch this one. Another wonderful and informative video. I keep a note pad next to me and write all the helpful info. Very sincere thank you for these videos and for you blog. I look forward to them every time. Now to watch Ask a Crafter # 6…


  15. I just to thank you Lindsay for giving me the motivation to start my own crafting business. So far it’s a rough start but you keep me inspired. Everytime you think I’m wasting my time and want to go back to an office job I just watch one of your videos with a glass of red wine and I get motivated and pick up my paint brush. I think it’s awesome your daughter helps you btw let’s her know I send “thanks”. Well I’m moving on to the next video for more inspiration from my mentor Ms Linds at and get crafting. Oh and the added bonus is you making it easy to do this inexpensive. Again Thank You! Your the best!


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