DIY Super Sporty Socks!

Happy Monday! I just noticed when I went out to walk the dog (in the rain) that I left the socks I spray-died out on the picnic table and hey, great news, the colors did not run! I love a rainy Monday  it’s like some higher power is saying “hey girl, you just ease yourself into the week…go paint something and don’t worry about the sink full of dishes, they will keep.” Of course judging by the state of my house you’d think every day was a rainy Monday LOL! So, this weekend we decided to make some fun socks for my girls to wear for softball.


Cute huh? These would also be great for soccer, roller skating and hiking because you should always wear tall socks to protect yourself from ticks! They are so easy too, in today’s video I’ll show you how to make the more complicated rainbow design, the one color design is even easier!

And here is a photo tutorial for the one color socks, just remove the elastics (AKA rubber bands) when you are done and let dry.


If you prefer to use fabric die I recommend purchasing a tie dye kit with squeeze bottles. It should come with soda ash, you soak the fabric (after tying) in the soda ash then squeeze the dye on the wet fabric. The soda ash will help prevent fading. I like the acrylic fabric spray paint because it stays bright and will not run in the wash. I used this kit from Oriental Trading. If you have any questions on this project just leave a comment and I will get right back to you! Happy crafting!

9 thoughts on “DIY Super Sporty Socks!

  1. Nice. I’ve been wanting to make tie-dyed tank tops for the summer. I like the spray bottle way to do the dye. I have a bottle of RIT. Anyone know if I could just transfer it into a spray bottle?


    1. that should be fine. I would not dilute it, keep it full strength but I would soak the fabric with the soda ash/hot water to prepare it before spraying;) you might even be able to find a spray top that will screw on the bottle of rit! Check your recycling bin:)


  2. Maggie you sure can transfer that dye to a spray bottle. My daughter did T-shirts that way several years ago for a class project. They were great. Also the rubber band thing make for really interesting designs. Also love the rain, my husband (a teacher) always says that rain is money in our area. If the farmers make money, we all make money.


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