Knitting 101: Everything you need to know in an 11 minute video!

Seriously folks, knitting is that easy. I’ve been teaching children to knit at the local library for over a year now and I have really learned to simplify the process. If you are new this video is for you. If you are rusty have a look and be reminded of the techniques. If you think you are unteachable and could never get the hang of it try it again. You can pause the video whenever you like and rewind it until you get it right.  This video shows you how to cast on (CO), knit (k), purl (p), and (BO) bind off.  Not bad for 11 minutes eh? I have noted what times each technique is covered below the video so you can skip around if you need to.  So, are you ready to get knitty with it?

See, I told you it was easy! For quick reference here is when each technique is demonstrated:

  • Slip Knot 1:04
  • Cast On 1:30
  • Knit Stitch 2:50
  • Purl Stitch 5:10
  • Bind Off 7:00

If you get stuck on a project you can just refer to the part of the video you need. You’re welcome! I hope you have some time this weekend to do a bit of knitting. If you have any questions just let me know. Did you know all of those fancy stitch patterns you see in knit wear is just a combinations of knits and purls, who’d a thunk it? Happy knitting and til next time happy crafting!

14 thoughts on “Knitting 101: Everything you need to know in an 11 minute video!

  1. Nice Video. I have been trying to teach my Guide Unit and I will save this for next year’s unit to share with them


  2. I haven’t watched this yet. I’ve got enough projects going on at the moment. Is this regular knitting (whatever that is) or continental knitting? Is continental knitting really faster?


    1. Continental, it is how I learned from a book and I chose that method over English because it is supposed to be faster and I think it is. You hold your yarn in the left hand like you would (or at least I do) in crochet so it feels very natural to me but you can hold your yarn in whatever hand you like as the stitches are the same. It seems faster because you poke the needle in your right hand through the stitch so the tip of the needle you need to wrap is right next to your left hand holding the yarn. My sister who knits English style says I look funny though;) Give it a try, what can it hurt? Also I think it is easier (just don’t tell your granny;)


  3. Lindsay,
    I loved your knitting video. It was so clear and simple! I recently took a knitting lesson because I have been trying to knit, on and off for years (learning on my own). I knew there had to be an easier way to cast on, and you showed it. My class was good, but so complex. I think I can do it, now! Thank you!


  4. I knit using the English method and probably won’t try to switch, but I really enjoyed watching a different method. Learning a new way would only slow me down. 😉


  5. Thanks. I watched this last night and I just spent the morning learning to knit. It seemed so complicated when I tried it before. Now I have to look for deals on yarn too. Don’t tell the husband.


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