Easy Sewing Project: Shopping Bag Caddy

Good morning! Today I am going to share a very easy sewing project. It is a great one for kids to make too as gifts. It is a bag to wrangle all of those plastic shopping bags we get when we forget to take our cloth ones to the store. I like to have these plastic bags around for lining trash cans, collecting road-trip rubbish in the car and of course when I walk the dog. 🙂

DCF 1.0

You will need:

1 fat quarter of fabric (or fabric left over from another project)

1/4″ sewing elastic

sew-on Velcro

grosgrain ribbon

sewing machine, thread, strait pins and a safety pin. You will also need scissors and something round to trace such as a plate.

Watch the video to see how it is done!

Well, how easy was that! I love it when a project can teach new skills such as making a casing for an elastic (hey, now you can make a skirt or pair of pajama pants) or sewing on Velcro witch is a great thing to know your all of you home decor divas out there! If you enjoyed this project and want to try yourself please check out the wonderful ribbons and other craft supplies available from our sponsor Papermart! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “Easy Sewing Project: Shopping Bag Caddy

  1. your idas are great and all, but i’ve never been able to watch your videos – it says page not found?


    1. huh, maybe you live in a country that blocks you tube videos? You could try watching them from my channel instead of my blog. Huh.


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