One more item for the craft table…

So, the other day I had a bit of a freak-out that I would not have enough product for my craft fair table (not the case BTW, I completely filled a table and 3 display stands AND had to flip a storage tote over for another surface) and I remembered some covered button kits I had in my stash so naturally I made a bunch of earrings with them!

DCF 1.0

The kits were from Dritz and you don’t need any tools. You cut a circle from fabric using the provided template (great for scraps!) and then center your button top on the wrong side of the fabric and pull the fabric to the back and hook it to the teeth on the back then snap the back of the button on! I cut off the shank on the back and glued on an earring post with one part epoxy.

DCF 1.0

For the earring cards I cut scrapbook paper 3″x4″ and scored the piece at 1″, 2″ & 3 3/4″ and folded it in a triangle and glued it on the bottom with the smaller flap tucked under. Before I glued it I added an embossed punched shape (cut in half) and poked holes for the earrings and placed the earrings in and ear-nuts on the back. They remind me of something Jackie O would wear!

I guess I better get going, I managed to get my booth 99% set up last night but of course I want to tweak it a bit 😉 and I promised to make a sign for my daughters Brownie fundraiser booth and I have a list of stuff I forgot last night I need to round up too! I will take a photo of my set-up and share it with you tomorrow and let you know how I did, till then happy crafting!