A Bunch of Brooches!

I whipped up a a bunch of the spring brooches this weekend, this was the idea that sparked the statement jewelry.

DCF 1.0

They are just the thing to liven up a scarf or jacket for spring! I’m gonna sell them for $2 at the Spring Fair! Wish me luck and happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. I just love your energy and creativity. How many items do you make of a product that you haven’t sold before? How do you decide what the minimum will be?



    • Um, I have no set number, I make them until I get bored or run out of supplies. You just never know what will sell, I’d rather go home with extra then have folks wanting more and not having them. I try and vary them all so no two are exactly alike. If I am making something untested I might uses less expensive stuff so I don’t have to invest a ton on an experiment;) I also take orders, around Christmas time my lip balm purses and knot tying kits sold out (great inexpensive gift ideas)so I took orders. It is a great to offer this time a year for wedding favors too, if someone likes a piece of jewelry you can offer to make them in wedding colors for bridesmaids, you can offer it at the same price as off the rack but you have a guaranteed buyer so it is win-win!


  2. Good luck. I sold a sum total of 5 cards Sunday at an art gallery demonstration.


  3. Clever use of images and silk flowers, Lindsay.


  4. I love how varied your crafting is, many mediums, techniques with endless possibilities. Wonderful! šŸ™‚


  5. These are beautiful Lindsay!


  6. You always seem to have a variety of unique items. I wish you only the best at your fair. Let us know how you do.


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