DIY Up-cycled Jewelry Display Rack

Yesterday we stayed home, the kids vegged out and I worked on the dreaded craft fair pricing and packaging. Every time I tell myself I’ll price and package as I make the stuff and every time I wait until the last-minute, why? I think it is because I hate deciding on a price. I know what I think my stuff is worth but at the same time I want to price it to sell. As I was pondering this I noticed an old frame that I decided could be up-cycled into a display board, here is how it turned out (it’s hanging on the wall behind my sewing machine)

DCF 1.0

It is cuter in real life;) I have a few of these frames kicking around because I also do custom framing and I had ordered some frames in for a customer and they had gouges on the side so the company replaced them but did not want the frames back. They came with a plywood backing board so I decopauged old book pages (don’t freak out, The librarian gave them to me because they were going to be tossed in the dumpster) on it and let it dry:

DCF 1.0

After the decaupague glue was dry I secured the backer board in the frame. I had a bucket of wooden spools that were given to me years ago and I thought they would be great for hanging a necklace or bracelet on.  I placed them on the board in staggered rows and decided on placement.

DCF 1.0

When I was happy with the spacing I hot glued the spools in place. Ta-da! This is plenty rugged to hold jewelry for my craft fair display and if I keep it hanging in my craft room it will be easy to price and hang a piece of jewelry up there when i make it, yeah right!

I love that this project serves a purpose and was absolutely free to me! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

21 thoughts on “DIY Up-cycled Jewelry Display Rack

  1. I am jealous of your wooden spools and think this was the perfect use for them. Happy Craft fairing. Wish I could go to see you in action!


  2. I think this a great way to up-cycle things that most people would throw away and it’s the cutest display board I’ve seen! Good luck at your craft show.


  3. Love this! A while back I bought a bunch of mini spools and now I have something to do with them. I am off to a thrift shop for a frame and wood!!! Thanks for this great idea.


  4. I once again love this idea!! I have had a bag of old spools from my Grammie for years- I couldn’t throw them away- now I can make this for my valuables!! Am goings miss your craft fair- scrapping with sister in Massachusetts fr a week- what can I say………:)
    Have a fun and profitable day Lindsay!!
    Lorraine 🙂


  5. You are SO creative, Lindsay! I love this idea and actually have what it would take to make it on hand. I found this older post when searching your site for “pricing” help. You mentioned recently that you sold a lot of cards at a recent craft fair. I was wondering how you price them. I make cards and everyone tells me they’re great, but I don’t sell many. Any help or ideas?


    1. You probably just haven’t found the right craft fair yet ir time of year for cards. The fair I did last weekend was in the middle of summer and people were buying for themselves so bracelets sold, paintings and cards because I thin with not much going on for holidays people could stock up. I price my cards from $2-$7 with most in the 3-4 dollar range. $2 for a one layer card, $7 for a hand painted watercolor card and the rest fall in between depending on the time and embellishments on the card. People also really like “moving cards”, they like to see you demo them and hear you talk about them but they mainly buy the normal ones because they do not think the recipient will know how to open them. Another thing is display, I recently got a card rack that was being thrown away from my sisters craft ship, I display many card there, it brings people to my booth but then I find they paw through and buy more from the shallow baskets I have the other cards in, I store them that way so craft fair set up can be don in 30 minutes from van to table. I recommend having a variety of items for your table, my last fair was really slow, I managed to sell $200 worth but many other craft vendors sold nothing and I think it is due to lack of variety, or prices that are too high. another lady who did well sold hair bows, and accessories, she had a beautiful display and even though she only sold hair stuff for girls she did well because she had a huge variety of themes. “poops” and “soups” and cute easy novelty goodies sell really well too like chocolate dipped pretzels (I let my kids make them and split the spoils LOL!) and earrings or anything you can make easily and quickly and sell for $5. You never know what will sell, I sold out of juggling kits at my Christmas craft fair but did not sell one set the last 2 spring/summer fairs I think because it is more of a gift item. Try different fairs at differnt times of year and you will gain knowlage and decide what sells better when;)


      1. Hey Dee, I just thought if you don’t have access to a card rack you can get inexpensive old louvered window shutters at the habitat for Humanity restore and you can display some card in there, maybe in clear bags slipped between the slats;) Be creative with display!


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