Easy Triangle Earrings!

Howdy folks! This has been such a busy week, the kids are on school break and I have been a taxi service!  I told the kids we are staying home today and chilling out! My girls finished up a 3 day horseback riding camp (and yes, they now want a horse, just what I need to add to the chickens eh? No, not really.) and my son has had little league practice, a trip to grammies and friends over. Yup, staying home today sounds good to me. I really need to get packaging up some craft fair items so I can have room to make more stuff but before attempting that I decided to make a quick, fun pair of earrings trying a new technique:

DCF 1.0

You need 6 eye-pins, 2 ear-wires and assorted beads. I used glass pearls, crystals and “E” beads. Simply load the beads onto an eye pin leaving 3/8″ wire on the end and form that into a loop with round nose pliers (repeat for all eye-pins) then use the pliers to open the loops and attach the sides to the bottom then open the loop on the ear-wire and slide the two side pieces on. Easy! I think next time I’d use smaller beads because they are a bit heavy I think. I used 2″ eye pins so they are fairly large earrings, nice and flashy! I will experiment more with this technique I am sure!

DCF 1.0

Well, I really need to get packaging so I can have room to do more creating! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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