DIY {no-hassle} Tassels & 40% off!

Tassels are trendy! They are cropping up everywhere and they are so easy to make! You can use them to decorate cards, jewelry, home decor and gift packaging like I did below on my Grad Hat Gift box. That template along with everything in my shop Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff  is 40% off now through Sunday so shop happy (and keep an artist employed LOL!)

DCF 1.0

I was asked by a few people how I made my tassel earrings so I made a video to show you how, it is very quick and easy!

See, told ya! If you ave any questions you can leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

5 thoughts on “DIY {no-hassle} Tassels & 40% off!

  1. Wow! I should listen to you every morning! My daughters (who are usually walking zombies this early in the morning), suddenly perked up at the words “Harry Potter” and “Griffindor”. Then in unison told me, “We have to make these! Can you make one for each house? Can you make some for my friends? We could do a Harry Potter Christmas tree and use these as decorations!!” So glad they’re easy!

    Thanks for the great tutorial!


    1. you should be able to purchase it by the sheet at any art store, probably not at a big box craft store but a true art store should have it. If you order online you might need to buy a multi pack;)


  2. I just ordered the graduation hat box – my son is graduating in May and I know I’ll find a good use for it. Thanks!


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