WOYWW: Sewing & Silliness {How to Juggle Tutorial}

Happy Wednesday folks! I love Wednesdays because it gives me a chance to peek at hundreds of crafty desks through the marvelous event know as What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday! Here’s what I’ve been up to this week:

DCF 1.0

Sewing! My sewing nook is wonderful, it is ergonomic (no sore shoulders after a day of sewing) and since I have my big table I have room to iron and cut fabric (no more cutting fabric on my bed and hoping I don’t snip the bedspreads!) and I can keep all of my mess in my craftroom instead of overtaking the house.  Last week I asked if I should so a weekly video blog and the answer was a surprising (and resounding) yes, wow, you actually want to hear me gab about what’s on my crafty little mind?!? So here is my WOYWW video blog, grab 3 objects because today folks, we are going to learn how to juggle!

Once you learn how to juggle it is addicting (so I apologize if you had things to do today) there is something zen-like about it.  The juggling bags were made from my scraps from my shopping bag (carrier bags for you British folks) caddies:

DCF 1.0

I used to have this eyesore hanging on my door, all of those bags fit into the one caddy and I can even fit more! I made a smaller version for the car and dog walkers, I have to thank You Tube viewer Snoopy for the clever name P.U.P. bags, it stands for Pick Up Poop, way better marketing, thanks Snoopy! I’ll have a tutorial for you next week sometime!


The juggling bags are made from 5″x5″ scraps sewn up and filled with 3/4 cup of rice. I love no waste projects!

DCF 1.0

So what’s on your workdesk today? Leave a link, I would love to see! And be sure to check out Julia’s blog for all of the WOYWW fun! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


19 thoughts on “WOYWW: Sewing & Silliness {How to Juggle Tutorial}

  1. LOVED your video, full of energy and ideas.
    A great way to work out too 🙂
    The little bags were my fave, for when out walking the dog x
    have a great class and a Lovely week Happy WOYWW Heather #73


  2. ah dear Lindsay only you would do a WOYWW video on juggling !!!

    ..would you please take one of those bags (so pretty) and squash some of your wonderful energy it and post it to me downunder – asap.. dear friend?? ta muchly!
    Happy WOYWWe 😀 Shaz in oz.x #85


  3. Oooh what fun, Lindsay! You not only put a smile on my face today but made me laugh out loud too! I love your sewing space and all those gorgeous bright, pretty bags, and as for the juggling, well I don’t think we’ll ever see the end of your talents! I can well imagine them all queueing up at your stand at craft fairs! I love your necklace which goes so well with your awesome dress too!

    Happy WOYWW, and I hope to be rejoining the weekly fun again once we’ve moved and I can start unpacking my ARTHaven. So much to look forward to!



  4. Love your video! I can see how your energy and juggling would attract a crowd at the craft fair! Very cool. Hope your knitting class went well. Knitting is kind of like my zen activity.

    Thanks for stopping by already!
    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (12)


  5. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, Lindsay – for a frugal alternative to the Inkdusters you could try old-fashioned shaving brushes (although they may be quite expensive) – I’ve also got a hoof-oil brush from our local agricultural store – it’s not quite so thick, and the bristles are quite long but you could trim them a bit if they are too flexible – you can also use a large stencil brush but the technique is a bit different. the main advantage of using a brush rather than a sponge pad (on or off a handle) is that it’s a much more natural action and less tiring. The soft brush allows for much more control over the amount of ink, and the blending. You may not think you can justify another mode of ink application but I guarantee it that these Inkduster brushes are worth their weight in gold! I got a set of 3 (double-ended) but they now do sets of 5, and individual ones too, but you don’t need one for every colour – I use one for reds, one for blues, etc. I’ve never regretted buying them.

    Add them to your pens, to go in the “non-frugal” department of your studio lol!!

    Hang in there and wait for photos of before, during and after – I can’t wait for my new ARTHaven either!!



  6. Linsdsay…step away from the caffine…lol Actually loved all your energy, yay for spring!! Not playing in WOYWW today but wanted to stop in and check in on my favorites ( sssshhh, don’t tell anyone ) lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥


  7. I’ve made tons of juggling balls, raised 4 juggling kids and still am a fail myself! I’ll try again!
    robyn 133


  8. Lindsay you are so much fun to watch in your videos. Love all the energy that you have. But I have a few quck questions what size are your juggling sets and what are they filled with? Second question and I have been meaning to ask this for a while now – what type of camera do you use? Thanks for brightening my day and getting my creative juices flowing.


    1. My camera is old (like 12 years!), a Minolta Dimage7, It was given to me used because the owner got a new one and this was a battery hog but I use an adapter in the studio. Occasionally i will use batteries and take it out with me, it is great for action sports shots! You might be able to get a great deal on a used one, the lens is fantastic!

      The juggling balls are made from 5″ squares of fabric and filled with 3/4 cup rice.


  9. Okay, where do I purchase your energy??? I just have to have some of it my dear, your happiness is contagious. Thanks for sharing that for all to see. I used to be able to juggle, have lots of these little sacks in my storage room…maybe I should pull them out. Great post. Hugs Cathryn #146


  10. LOL! DH is a champion juggler but me, it’s all dropped balls and frustration. My fave jugglers are The Flying Karamazov Bros. and I recall seeing them juggle a something, a chainsaw, and a handful of cooked, sauced spaghetti!

    Happy (late) WOYWW

    MA (10)


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