I’m cleaning today (and I don’t even have anyone visiting!)

I know what you are thinking “Good one Lindsay! April Fools Day joke right?” But sadly no, I am actually spending probably most of the day cleaning today. It is so muddy out that between the kids and a dog who is always on the wrong side of the door my floors have a nice coating of grit on them to match the fine coating of dust on everything else. Luckily I am listing to a riveting audio book at the moment (11/22/63 by Stephen King) and it will make even the task of cleaning pleasurable. Usually I will tidy and sweep at the end of the day, do it in a mad-dash of sorts because when I start in the morning I end up cleaning all day because once you get one thing clean you notice how filthy everything else is! Thank goodness for the audiobook! Well, you obviously don’t read my blog for cleaning tips so here is a quick card I made last week:

DCF 1.0

I realized I had never used this bamboo and bird stamp from About Art Accents (the stamp is 50% off too!) before so I colored it with markers and stamped it on plain white cardstock and sponged in a background. I mounted it on a shaving-cream marbleized paper (I stuck it with hot glue because the paper is slick, hence the slight crookedness 🙂 added another layer, a charm, stuck it to a kraft base and called it a day! Well, I suppose I ought to get cracking on the housework, it’s not going to clean itself (unfortunately) and if I get done early I’ll have some bonus crafting time! Happy Monday! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!