Video Tutorial: How to Marbleize Paper & Eggs!

Here is a fun project you will want to try today. It is quick, easy and inexpensive and what’s more, your kids will love it too! I’ll warn you it’s a bit messy (that’s what it’s so darn fun) but the results are stunning. Check out this Easter card I sent my sister, I made the background paper. I stamped the rabbit (About Art Accents) with black pigment ink and heat embossed so it would stand out on the marbleized paper.

DCF 1.0

Looks fancy and store-bought right? Nope, I marbleized it with shaving cream! Watch this quick video to see how, I’ll even show you how to use this technique with eggs!

See, told ya it was easy;)

DCF 1.0

Tips for marbleizing eggs:

  1. I recommend you use blown out eggs, you can use hardboiled eggs 
    (swap out the liquid watercolor for food coloring) but I worry the shaving cream might give the eggs a soapy taste.
  2. White eggs (or wooden eggs painted white) will show the technique better (but since I raise free-range hens that lay brown eggs-and cannot bring myself to buy factory farmed white ones-I used those.)
  3. After you blow out and clean the eggs you need to dry them. Microwave them 30 seconds ( for a dozen) , then dip them in vinegar and nuke them again for 30 seconds. The vinegar locks the color!

I hope you try this today! It is a great outdoor project to do with the kids to and you can just hose everything off when you are done! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

8 Responses

  1. So fun! Thanks, Lindsay!

    Happy Easter to you and yours…


  2. Very pretty, Lindsay! I’ve often wondered how people used shaving cream in their work. At the last craft show I went to, I bought a marbelling kit that has some stuff you dissolve in water to make a gel-like base, and you put the water-based colour on top of this. By dipping 3-D objects, they are completely covered with marbelling. I haven’t tried it yet – another project for when my new ARTHaven is up and running!



  3. Beautiful – and my Grandson says we MUST try it!!!


  4. Lindsay, your rabbit and eggs and paper are wonderful. Love the colors and the effects you achieve. Thank you for the great pictures, too. Happy stamping, Annette “:O)


  5. another fantastic video and post!
    thank you dear Lindsay!
    I wish a very Happy Easter to you and your family!

    II made just one of your amazing nests with pearls–
    I am a lazy crafter I must!
    my nest is here to look at

    Thank you so much Lindsay for you great sharing!!!


  6. very pretty!


  7. Love this technique, Lindsay! Was it hard to stamp the paper? What ink did you use? Love the card! Thanks for the video!

    Carmen L


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