By Request: Tree of Life Beading Tutorial

Howdy folks! We finally have a weekend that is not booked to the gills. 😀 I have a project laid out on my bead board ready to string and I think I will let my daughters use some of my “good” beads (I have a couple of leftover turquoise beads my daughter Lila has been eyeing) If you have some free time this weekend maybe you would like to try making a tree of life pendant:

DCF 1.0

I made a bunch of these a couple of weeks ago using 1.5″ key rings as my base because it’s what I had on hand (make do, or do without right?) and after I made about a dozen I grabbed a few 2″ key rings to try and I like them even better! Also I think they are easier for a beginner to use. I recommend watching the video in full screen to see better detail of the wire work but it is pretty easy. You don’t need to jot down notes because you can print my free pdf Tree of Life tutorial here. So sit back, relax and learn something new!

I have some exciting news, I have ordered new spring-loaded nylon jaw pliers yesterday and paid less than $3! Consumer Crafts is having their annual 25% off friends and family sale and their prices are already really low (I am in no way affiliated with them but I order from them several times a year, it is a great lace to get supplies for classes and buy art gift sets for presents) They have good deals on copper wire too ($2 a spool after coupon code) and I found 12 packs of 22 gauge colored copper wire that were $14 at the craft store for $4! If you are a beginner in need of tools that have some great deals, they have a $30 set of 5 jewelry pliers for $12 and most of their pliers are $3-$7. You get free shipping on orders over $100 so you might want to team up with a friend to get your order up to that point. I also picked up some Darice embossing folders for $2.25. They also have some chip beads for $1 a strand and they sell the key rings too, you can probably find all of the supplies I used at consumer crafts. Be sure to use the coupon code: ccfandf13 to get 25% off everything including sale prices but the sale ends Sunday night. Gee, I’m not affiliated but maybe I should ask for a commission LOL! I just wanted to pass on a great deal, oh and they sell the new spectrum noir markers for half the price of the craft stores too.

DCF 1.0

Well that’s all for today. We have the big Easter Egg Hunt to go to today at the school but other than that the weekend is wide open, gotta love that! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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