Quilling: How to store it?

Happy Sunday Folks! I hope you all remembered to “spring ahead” last night. I love it when we turn our clocks ahead an hour to get that extra hour of sun in the afternoon, spring is almost here. Just tell that to the snow that is still on my lawn LOL!  I guess it’s better than mud…wait, we have that too!

DCF 1.0

Today I wanted to share my quilling supply storage. I taught a kids quilling class last month and afterward my supplies were in such a state of disarray. All of my paper strips were in a basketball sized snarl, I almost tossed it in the trash. My tools and supplies were dived between 2 large plastic bins and everything was corralled in a large produce box. This was taking up way to much space. I wish I tool a “before ” picture because the transformation is quite amazing! I painstakingly straightened out all of the papers (it was worse than brushing out a child’s hair with silly putty in it) and I snipped off the binding on the end of the strips. Then I took a clear plastic tube that I had received an order of glass rods in and carefully slid the strait papers in. Anything that hung out I cut off! This might seem drastic but at this point I was a mad-woman who just spent an hour detangling quilling strips.

DCF 1.0

I got the idea because I had some tubes of quilling papers from Joanns that came in 12″ long tubes, brilliant, they NEVER got tangled. I will be saving any long clear tubes for this use since I have a little hand crank paper shredder that makes the perfect sized strips. this way I can store the extras! And all of my tubes fit in my large flat Artbin box:

DCF 1.0

I placed the slotted quilling tools in a clear bag. My quilling comb, paper crimper, quilling board and glueing board (which is a scrap of foamboard with wax paper taped to it) are all in there too as well as any ideas and patterns I have collected.

DCF 1.0

I place finished quilled art in a clear CD case to keep it from getting crushed and so I can easily see it when I want to use it on a card.

This storage solution might not be for everyone but I want my quilling stuff to be portable. I like to bring it upstairs to work on while I watch TV or take it to a crop if I have nothing else to do. I don’t quill that often so the space the supplies occupy needs to reflect that. I hope this helps you corral your quilling supplies. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


6 Responses

  1. great ideas Lindsay…thanks


  2. Hi Lindsay Good ideas as always! I’ve always wanted to try quilling. Did you try scherenschnitte back in the day? I love the older crafts too, mixed with the new techniques. I always wonder what would my 2 Granny’s would think about all the new craft ideas. They turned a need & a necessity into beautiful things, quilting &embroidery, knitting & crochet .All they had was a needle and thread and a dim coal oil lamp.I would love to try pottery sometime. Love all of your ideas. Iris,SavedbyGrace


  3. Yes, I was thinking of teaching my friends quilling and need to box the stuff neatly…thanks for the ideas!


  4. Wonderful idea Lindsay…Sounds like I have that same tool…use it for my Faux Quilting card stock strips…have several containers full! Since they can get real messy – real quick, I clip each end of a pattern color group of strips with mini clips. Also do this with my Washi strips that I use for iris folding. Will adopt your idea for the quilling strips since I only have a few at present! Thanks for the great tip!!!


  5. How do you finish your finished stuff?


    • What do you mean? You can add a coat of mod-podge but it really should not need it. Just gluing it to your project keeps it secure.


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