How T Make a Shadow Box Card! {Video Tutorial}

This technique is so much fun that I have made 4 of these cards this week! These cards are easy, you can use the supplies you already have and they are quick too!

DCF 1.0

In today’ video I have lots of tips and tricks: shadow-box card, coloring a scene quickly, making a paper pine cone WITHOUT a fancy die (I’ll show you how to make the tassel too!) and layering background stamps to create wonderful patterned paper. All that an more…well, there had better be more for a 23 minute long video LOL! Check it out:

I hope you try this card, you can use whatever colors you like and whatever stamps you have, make it your own. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

15 Responses

  1. Lovely card, thanks for a great video.


  2. This is just beautiful! I have just recently gotten into watching youtube videos-I can’t wait to check all of yours out!


  3. Love your video and the great instructions! You did a wonderful job!


  4. Lindsay, Here is an idea that is so LINDSAY. Before you join the front and back add a strip of cardstock to each side so that it protrudes inward and is even on the outside edges. Add a stamped and cutout little image to each end. When you open and close the card the image will look as though it is moving. I did this with a snowman and tree in the back ground and put birds on each strip. It appears as though the birds are flying.


  5. Love the card. Love the video, too!! About your stamps not sticking to your rocking stamp block: try Aleene’s tack it over and over on the back of your stamps. It works for lots of things similar to this, I’ll bet it would work fine. Probably better for repeated uses than the tape you are using. And a little goes a long way..


  6. You go girl!!! You are so Awesome! I have made this card before, but they never came out this good and you make it look so easy. Thanks for the video showing how you made it!!


  7. AWESOME Tutorial…love all of it. Also–I like your unedited videos because it keeps it real. I ready your blog daily but don’t comment often due to time constraints, but just wanted to let you know I love this and say Thanks for all you share here.


  8. Wow! Was that really 23 minutes? Time flies when you are having fun! Thanks for sharing such a fun technique! You coloring is amazing. A little smear of yellow, a little smear of orange and a touch of red and a squirt of water! Seriously? Gorgeous! You always make thing look so simple. You really make me laugh and more importantly your inspire me to TRY something! Thank You! 🙂


  9. Your tutorial was spot on!! I watched it this morning and then sat down this afternoon and made the card without a single problem (as long as you don’t count the pine cone as it was a crash and burn, LOL). Thanks so much for sharing your talent with those of us lacking! *Hugs*


  10. I love stampscapes and the way you made everthing look so real.keep up with the good videos.I always wanted to do the shadow box but was scared to because it look to hard, but you made it look easy.Soooo thanks for it.


  11. Oh my goodness! When I first saw this my first thought was “she put a lot of time into this, it’s gorgeous!” After seeing your video on how you made it I was blown away as to how easily and quickly you put it all together. I am going to have to get some of those gellato’s (spelling?). And I love how you simply made the branch! I just love this! Great job Lindsey! Thank you for sharing! ~Jo Ann


  12. As usual, a great video, Lindsay, and a great project! I’ve often thought it would be fun to make one of these cards. I can’t do anything at present because my ARTHaven is all being packed up into boxes in preparation for our house move, but it’s definitely a project for the future.

    I made my own pine cone svg file which I can cut with my Black Cat Cougar machine, any size I want. I love making them! They even sound like the real thing when you handle them! I do like your branchy thing (lol!) and the green pine needles, too – a nice touch that I hadn’t thought of doing, as I had cut flat ones also from svgs I drew in Inkscape.

    Love the blending of the colours in the picture, as well. I don’t have any stamps like that, or those pens but I’m sure I could come up with something for a background. A digi stamp might work, and my Inktense pencils?

    Thanks for sharing a really great project.



  13. Lindsey, I absolutely L♥VE this technique! I just posted a card with it on my blog (giving you full credit of course) and put in links for both your blog and video. Thank you SO MUCH for all you do and for all the inspiration you give us.

    Snoopy 😀


  14. Cool, Cool, COOL! I don’t know how I found this page but I am soooo glad to end up on your website. I had to stop the video several times and make the extra tools and jot down your “aside” ideas and comments. I had just purchased some Graphic45 “Once upon a Springtime” papers and the shadow box card turned out fantastic with the fairies for a ‘enchanting’ birthday card. Thanks for the great video and ideas.


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