Artsy-Fartsy Ooh La La!

Yep, the title says it all right? Today I am going to shave a mixed bag of artsy techniques in two short videos. All the stamps used in this tutorial are by Pink Persimmon. Here’s what we will make:

DCF 1.0

On the first video I’ll show you how to use an everyday object as a stencil:

Now learn how to make professional 3-D banners without a fancy die cut machine. Lots of other tips in this video too like making shaped cards and scrapbook papers, stamping on curves, oh it’s a art technique potpourri! I hope you enjoy it:)

Here are close ups of the two cards I showed you in the video:

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

18 thoughts on “Artsy-Fartsy Ooh La La!

  1. I love that you recyle book pages on your projects. Thanks for the mars curve ruler thingy. Now that and the gell sticks are on my list of things to get. Love your videos and tips. You’re great.
    God bless,


  2. First of al, love,love, love you. I, also, have the Pink Persimmon stamps you showed. Their stamps are awesome. Thanks for the great tips that you contribute even when there is no caffiene.


  3. The karma generated from upcycling books is HUGE. They reach such a wide audience and add such character to these projects! I love words as background! Great stuff.


  4. Informative as usual, but I gotta say, even though I have only watched a handful of your videos, you were in rare form today. Remind me not to be drinking coffee while watching your videos. You are hilarious! If you ever take your show on the road, please let us know. 🙂


  5. love watching your videos but this comment is a trick for making your clay soft when you are working in a cool place they put the clay on a heating pad folded it over for a few minutes thought you might like the info


  6. Love all your videos Lindsay, even the ones for crafts I don’t have intention of trying (in case I might burn my hands off!). The HD quality is nice but I miss the text you’d add in editing!!! You have such a sparkling and bubbly personality that it makes me want to pull out some craft supplies each time I watch you. Recently bought watercolor paints cause I’ve seen you do all kinds of cool stuff with them, but it’ll take me a couple hours of watching your videos again to get inspired to actually USE them! But hey, at least I won’t burn my hands off with them!!! Thanks for all the crafty tips and for giving us an occasional… okay, frequent… giggle 🙂


  7. Hey Lindsay….You seen kinda down today…you may need a cup-a-coffee today!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Just joking! My husband walked by as I was watching and had to stop as he was watching me laugh at (ahem) with you and hearing you and he said, “Who is that? I did not think there was anyone who talked faster and more excited than you!” He cracked me up! Well actually I was already cracked up by you! I loved your cards Lindsay and only people like you and me can take a piece of “trash” like left over token backing and use it as a mask! Well heck yea! Jeff picked up a piece of TRASH in the kitchen the other day and said, “What do I do with this?” I was like “what? THROW IT AWAY!” He said,” Well, in MY defense, I never know with YOU, you save everything! I never know what can be UP-CYCLED these days!” Bless his pointed little head! I guess he gets it! 😉


  8. Oh by the way…What was it that Faber Castelle said about the differences regarding the Gelatos and the Gel sticks? I am curious because YEARS and YEARS ago…I mean like 16 year ago I was pregnant with my 1st daughter and I ordered from a really neat kids catalog some “kids” art supplies. So that I could build my supplies of things to do with my kiddos. Well in that first package were these stencils and oil pastels and water color crayons and water color pencils from a company called Lyra. I think it was from Germany. I also ordered a set of regular gel stick and metallic gel sticks also from that Lyra company. Well I had gotten them and we had moved several times throughout the years I had forgotten completely about them and had never used them. Well when Gelatos came out I remembered about them but they looked “similar.” So I invested in ALL the current Gelatos and have enjoyed using them. When I saw your comparison video I was like humm….So I went on a 2 week quest to find those old supplies. I FOUND them. There were brand new and never opened and low and behold…there were in identical packaging except they had the LYRA name on them. I called Faber Castelle and they denied any knowledge of what I was talking about. I asked if they had bought out that company and they said no. Here is the weird thing. When I bought my Gelatos…I ordered my though Joann’ and they came in sets of 4 w/ a cheap stamp and brush. When I ask them what the names of the colors were she asked me if mine did not have the names printed on the caps. Mine did not. She immediately offered to send me a COMPLETE SET for free because I had accidentally gotten the non-acid-free ones. There was a small batch that went out by mistake. Hugh? Why would they send me a whole complete set for free? It was just weird. So I has essentially 3 sets. The old original Lyra set (the colors are identical!) the Joann set that I ordered and the replacement set that Faber Castelle sent me.
    Whew…Sorry for being long winded,


    1. interesting Valerie. Lyra is a well know artist quality supply company so bully for you getting them at kids supply prices! OK so I had to test the acid free theory so I just swatched out all of the gel sticks, blended them out and dried them and drew a line across the swatches with my ph tester pen (if something is acid the ink turns yellow, if it is OK it will range from blue to purple) and the pen mark stayed purple over every color. I really think it is the same thing with a different name marketed to different consumers. The bonus of gelatos id they have more colors that are more fashionable. I asked them what was the difference (they sent me some for free as well and I am grateful to them for it) and they said they hired chemists to make sure the colors were acid free and lightfast. When I asked for a lightfast rating they said they did not have that information. Really?!? All artist colors have lightfast ratings. You pay chemists but they did not give you info, huh. Since picking up the cheap sets at BAM! I am wondering if they are discontinuing the gel sticks. $12 might be too pricey for parents to spend for 12 crayons and scrapbookers are happy to pay $10 for 4, it is smart for them really:) I find with hot crafts the only difference between high prices popular products and kids supplies is marketing. I wouldn’t call gelatoes or gel sticks Artist quality, most craft items are student grade with artist grade prices. But, hey, I’m no chemist and I can’t say for sure if the ingredients are the same (how’s that for a disclaimer?) LOL!


  9. Bummed because my BAM didn’t have the gell sticks and Staples didn’t have the Mars Curves. Anyway, I do love your videos. God bless,


    1. the gel sticks are in the kids book/art section of bam, not with the clearence stuff. The mars curve should be with the drafting and art supplies at staples but any big craft store should have them with the drawing supplies and you can use a coupon:) It is also called a “Felxible curve”


  10. I was successful in finding the gel sticks at BAM today… whoo-hoo! Thanks Lindsay!!! For anyone else trying to find them, they are hidden away in the kids section on a book shelf. I expected to find them in clearance racks but they were with regular priced items.


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