Make a pretty key-chain…

Howdy all! here is a project that will stretch your options with your jewelry making supplies and make a great gift of craft fair item:

DCF 1.0

All you need is a key ring, flexible beading wire (like Tigertail or Accuflex) a large focal bead (I used a bobbin bead-see yesterday’s post for a how to), a charm and a  coordinating bead and two #4 crimp tubes.

DCF 1.0

How to build the key chain:

  1. Cut 12″ of wire. Slip a charm (or a bead) to the mid-point and fold the wire in half.
  2. Slide the wire ends through the hole in the large focal bead (the first bead with keep the beads secure.)
  3. Place on another bead then slip on 2 #4 crimp beads (both wires in both tubes.)
  4. Put the ends of the wires through the key ring and then back through both crimp tubes.
  5. Feed the ends of the wires back through the beads if there is room. Trim any wire sticking out past the focal bead.
  6. Squeeze the crimp tubes closed using crimp plies if you have them (they will give you a nicer look and a more secure hold) or needle-nosed plies if you don’t.
  7. Tie a scrap of ribbon around the crimp tubes. Done!

DCF 1.0

A pretty key chain can be used to hold your keys (of course) but it can also be clipped to a purse, luggage or a backpack for decoration or identification. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


5 Responses

  1. Lovely, Lindsay! Really pretty. They’d make great gifts. Your beads are so gorgeous.

    Thanks for your nice comment. Dad is still in hospital. He was supposed to be having a psych assessment today but that’s had to be postponed. Mum’s leg is getting better and they say it only needs dressing twice a week now, which is great. The surveyor has discovered a problem with the roof of the new house (never rains but it pours…) but hopefully all will be resolved – we definitely won’t find anywhere else half as nice, or as suitable for us all, accommodation and location-wise! I’m busy packing up my ARTHaven at the moment so it will revert to an office until we move, and I’m bidding on a gorgeous little shabby chic shelf unit on Ebay for my new ARThaven so I can display all the lovely things people have made for me. I’m really excited about getting it all set up.



  2. Gorgeous ideas here new Lindsay.. I miss your plastic bottles beads video here.. it´s so fantastic on you tube.. have to give this a try..
    you are my favourie art techniques inventor !
    LOVE LOVE OVE your ideas!
    and a big Thank you for sharing!


  3. Very pretty Lindsay…and you won’t lose your scissors!


  4. how cute, and what a great use of old bobbins. i tried working some into a collage one time. this is much cuter.


  5. Clever as always Lindsay! I love that bobbin!


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