WOYWW: One Hot Mess!

So this week I took my What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday photo BEFORE I tidied up….

DCF 1.0

Honestly, it does not look much better now LOL! I have been experimenting with glass and clay this week and I am teaching a quilling class tomorrow so I have my bins of quilling strips in the upper right corner. I will be filming a candle making tutorial and I have the supplies for that in a tray next to the quilling stuff. I pulled my clay drawer out of its chest because the drawers of molds, tools and other clay paraphernalia were so full that they would not open so a major clay reorganization project is in store for me this week, it has never been properly organized, I just seem to add to the stash…we all know how that goes! I have a box of eyelets out because I was making some Pandora style beads with glass and clay and I couldn’t wait to get proper bead cores but as far as I can see eyelets are just about the same thing. After I took this photo I went back to my torch to make another bead and the torch would not ignite  I just replaced the gas tank and I was using it hours earlier so I have no idea what is wrong  I can hear the gas hiss out but no spark…I wonder if I can light it with my long reach lighter…I’m kinda scared to though. I hoping it will work itself out and the next time I try it will light…a girl can dream 🙂

Want more desks? Or do you want to share your crafty space with the wold? Hop on over to Julia’s blog The Stamping Ground and you can play along and see lot’s of other crafty messes ..er, desks too! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

17 thoughts on “WOYWW: One Hot Mess!

  1. I dont think I could keep up with that many crafts. I have a bad enough mess with just the cards and paper. The pottery is another thing.


  2. Your desk is looking in as much of a state as mine 🙂 Do take care with the torch (I have just about gotten used to “torch” meaning flashlight here in the UK and now you went and confused me all over again LOL!) and report back on the eyelet experiment. Glad I subscribe so I won’t miss it when you do…..


    MA (38)


  3. you are a busy person you seem to have so many projects on the go sometimes I think it is nice to have a few things that you can keep dipping in to
    Happy WOYWW I hope you have a great day
    Ria #47


  4. I keep up with your daily e-mails and can not believe how many projects you have and wonder how you have time to make your great videos too. You go girl
    Krisha #133


  5. Can we expect some more quilling videos in your future? Love to see what you are doing. I bought supplies but have yet to do much.


  6. Busy looking desk! I don’t know about the torch business and lighting it yourself. Mine has to be manually lighted by lighting the lighter then turning the torch on. I would worry a bout a leak though! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #17


  7. Wow, so many interesting things going on…I love the way you have so many projects on the go. Stay safe with that blow torch. Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW! Caro #65


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