Happy Fat Tuesday: Let The Good Times Roll!

I live nowhere near the Big Easy but that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate! I made this colorful Mardi Gras mask using inexpensive products from Papermart. I have done this project in classrooms, summer camps and even as a birthday party activity. It is easy and fun and you can’t make it look bad. I used feathers, rhinestones, gold ribbon, metallic markers, hot glue, a bamboo skewer and cardstock to make this quick project. The mask template can be found here.

DCF 1.0

You can change-up the colors and make photo props or decorations to hang on the wall, it is such fun. Watch the video to see how it’s done!

Remember, if you are doing this project with the kids you might want to use Thick & Tacky glue or glue dots instead of hot glue, let’s all be safe out there! {Don’t burn your hands off!} 😀

Thanks for stopping by and til next time let the good time roll, oh and happy crafting!

6 thoughts on “Happy Fat Tuesday: Let The Good Times Roll!

  1. I had asked you awhile ago how you made your own shimmer mist or spray sparkle used in a few of your projects? Can u share your recipe? Thanks!


    1. Sure Roni, I think I replied to you but here is the recipe I like best: In a small spray bottle mix mica powder (you can use perfect pearls, pearl ex or the loose metallic eyeshadow from the dollar tree-the eyeshadow works the best!) watercolor paint and water. I use a pea size drop of watercolor paint from the tube and the binder in that is enough to stick down the sparkle. Swirl the bottle (like you are ringing a bell) don’t shake before use, shaking can cause the nozzle to clog:) Have fun!


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