Free Crochet Tutorial: Lip Balm Amulet

OK, I think we all need to buy shares in the Chapstick company! Man, I am constantly buying and doling out tubes of lip balm to my kids. where does it go? I think it ran off with socks that always go missing. Am I the only one with this problem? Well, I for one have had enough of the kids losing their chapstick (oh and for those of you who say “just have the kids carry it in their pocket” you obviously have never experienced the chapstick-in-the-dryer scenario) so I crocheted them chapstick holder necklaces:

DCF 1.0

These were fun and easy to make! I used sock weight yarn (#1 weight) and a #3 (C or D) crochet hook. I also added a ribbon drawstring, beads (to keep the drawstring from pulling through), fray check (or you can use clear nail polish) to keep the ends of the ribbon from fraying and a homemade tassel.

DCF 1.0

This project is worked round in a spiral  I don’t often use patterns so my writing of one might be unconventional. I will explain how I made it and if you have any questions you can leave a comment. Really, though, you can kinda make it up as you go along, I always do. 🙂

DCF 1.0

Round 1. Start by wrapping the yarn around your left index finger (if you are right-handed, if you are a leftie I have no idea), slip the hook between the yarn and your finder and draw up a loop. Now single crochet 12 stitches in the finger hole. This is starting a round with the magic loop method. Once you master this you will never go back to making a chain and joining it for a foundation round!

Note: If you are using thicker yarn, use fewer stitches!

Round 2. OK folks, here is where it gets real easy. Double crochet in each stitch until you have made a tube a bit longer than a tube of chapstick, you are working in a spiral, you don’t need to join rounds with a slip stitch (you can if you want to, it’s your bag) and do not increase, you want the sides of your pouch to go straight up.

Step 3. Once the bag is as tall as you need it make a chain of crochet long enough to slip over someones head. This is all worked as one piece so you want to start this stitch straight from the last double crochet you made.

Step 4. Join the end of the chain on the opposite side of the bag with a slip stitch. You will notice that one side of the bag is a bit lower than the other because we worked in a spiral so to even it out make a row of slip stitches on that edge, as a bonus it will make the necklace more secure. Cut and secure the end.

Step 5. Add a tassel. Use the string hanging from the bottom to bind the tassel so it is strong and secure.

Step 6. Use your hook to insert a length of ribbon to the top of the bag. Tie beads on the end and add a drop of fray check (or glue) to both the ribbon ends and the knot. Insert the lip balm and give it to your daughter.

DCF 1.0

So, if you have boys I will be making a camo belt loop pouch later and I will share that with you after I work it out!

DCF 1.0

Again, if you have any questions (you should probably consult a reputable crochet website LOL!) just leave a comment. It is really easy. I plan to sell these at next years craft fair. I was working on one at a basketball game yesterday and the other moms thought it was brilliant, so it gives me hope that they will sell! thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0


9 thoughts on “Free Crochet Tutorial: Lip Balm Amulet

  1. Lindsay, you are so talented. I am so amazed by the ideas you come up with and then the execution of whatever you think up. I confess . . . I was going to say “tell them to put it in their pockets” but once you said “washer” I knew what you meant. My DH seems to always leave hard candy (wrapped ones) in his pockets. And then he complaints that there is something on his clothes. LOL.


  2. I think I might make myself one of those. Most of my trousers do not have pockets anyway, and I now have lipsalves all over the house and in the car (not a good idea if it is sunny). Thank you for sharing the instructions. xx Maggie


  3. I love it Lindsay. I used to make tiny square beaded amulets years ago. I love this shape and I love that it is crochet too! It is such a neat idea! The purple green and gold yarn gave me an idea to use mardi gras, and they will come in handy for the parades starting this week, with all the wind and sun. Just like having a “special mardi gras necklace”. I hope I have the time to make some to give to my parade going family and friends and those who ride the floats. I have tons of really cute frilly and sparkly yarns that I use for scrapbook trims that will go great. Thanks for your inspiration and the time you devote to sharing your ideas. One reason I love your blog is because you cover every craft imaginable. And that is me… I love trying everything from cornshuck dolls to scrapbooking. I have a good bit of your cutting files. I even have a folder in my svg files with your name on it! I bought your mask svg. I plan on making some to decorate for a regional meeting next week. Of course the theme for the meeting is Mardi Gras!


  4. Another brilliant idea Lindsay and they are sure to sell! I remember all too well the years of Chapstick in the dryer, can’t say I miss that part of them growing up ha ha.


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