Resolutions, eh?

Here we are, another year, 2013! I’m ready for a fresh year, how about you? I typically do not make resolutions but I find that during the craziness of Christmas prepping and the long lazy days (that my kids are off from school) afterward I come up with better ways to do things…for instance: jotting down and planning out art projects that I want to complete so that I do not forget that I want to try them OR forget that I have supplies to do certain projects…so…I give you my not-so-fancy-but-totally-usefull Craft Fair 2013 Planning book:


It is a mini composition book covered with scraps of patterned paper, no biggie but it does the trick.

I just recently heard this quote by Harvey MacKay:

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”

So true, I had never heard it before {it was relayed to me by my wise husband 😀 } but I loved it. Next year I will not have the stress-filled-November-panic that I experienced last year upon realizing that I had no inventory for my upcoming craft fair (thank goodness I can produce quickly!) or will I stand around in my craftroom staring blankly wondering what I want to work on today. Nope. Not again. And for those of you (and by you I mean me) who browse Pinterest for hours pinning away cool ideas and then immediately forgetting them never to gander at your boards again you can write the aforementioned ideas on honest-to-goodness paper and have a fair crack at remembering them for once…please say I am not alone here?

Also I do a craft-room clean up and I am happy to admit that it is almost done! My beads are sorted and put away, craft Christmas presents have been put away and I came up with a clever way to corral my yarn stash so I can actually see (and use) what I have…now that’s a concept! I am planning a new craftroom video since my last tour was done 3 years ago, I’ll try to get to it this week before I mess the place up again LOL!

So how about you, any resolutions this year? Go ahead and make a crafy resolution and you will have fun keeping it! Til next time happy crafting!

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