She loved sock monkeys…

Hey there. It’s been a rough week for us here. On Saturday my sister-in-law passed away after a long battle with cancer. I am trying not to focus on the sadness but remember the fun, happy optimistic woman that she was. She loved sock monkeys,  lawn gnomes, the Wizard of Oz and mostly her family and friends. She was a talented lady, she made quilts, dolls, jewelry and most importantly she made every person she met feel special.  When you get married you never know what you are getting yourself into as far as in-laws go but I was so lucky to marry in to such a loving family.  I’ll never forget her loud boisterous laugh and her sense of humor. There has been a hole left by her passing but our lives are all the better for having been in hers. Wanda, we love you and will miss you always.

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Calling all procrastinators! A freebie for you!

Let’s see a show of hands…who intended to, but has not made their Christmas cards yet? That many? Wow! Well don’t fear because I have 2 easy card designs that you can copy. Make them today and mail them tomorrow..well, tomorrow is Sunday, OK mail ‘um Monday.  The first card features the likeness of our favorite holiday Grinch:

DCF 1.0

I made an SVG die cut and printable sheet for the Grinch eyes, you can download it for free here. All you do is cut a sheet of green cardstock in half and fold (you get 2 cards this way) then glue on the eyes in the center of the card base. Draw on a smile, nose and angry eyebrows and glue a green feather on the forehead if you have one.  Your recipient is sure to get a chuckle when they open this card!

DCF 1.0

This next design is more traditional. Again, cut a sheet of red cardstock in half and fold in half to get 2 card bases. Then I used a rotary wavy cutter to cut 1.5″ strips of felt (I used a wave rather than a scallop blade so both sides of the cut would look the same and I would not waste felt…yeah, I know it is only .25 cents a sheet but still, why waste?) If you don’t have felt you can use paper, or cotton balls, whatever! Use a hot glue gun to attach it down the center of your card. Add a strip of black cardstock for a belt and a gold buckle. I used a large square punch to punch my gold paper then cut around it with scissors to make a buckle. I dressed it up with holly die cuts and a red sequin.

DCF 1.0

These cards are quick and inexpensive and fun to make with the kids. I hope you give them a try this year! BTW, use thick and tacky glue and not hot glue if the kids are helping! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Warm & Fuzzy {A Quick Gift to Make!}

Happy Friday folks! If you have a little crafting time this weekend you can whip up a batch of these cute hand warmers:

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They are super easy and really useful! Here’s what you will need: Felt, fabric shears, rice, a paper template  (you can trace a cookie cutter or print a shape from the computer then cut out the shape), a sewing machine or needle and thread.

  1. Hold two pieces of felt together (or fold one sheet in half) and place the paper template on top and cut around the edges with fabric shears. You can use straight shears, pinking or whatever kind you like!
  2. Sew the two shapes together neatly (raw edges will show but felt will not fray) but leave a 1.5″ gap.
  3. Fill with rice.
  4. Stitch the gap closed.

Tips: if you are using a sewing machine be sure to back-stitch at the start and end of your stitching to make sure the stitch is secure. You could add herbs to the hand warmers, such as lavender, to make them smell nice. If you want to embroider anything on the hand warmers do so before sewing. If you find you felt shifting when you sew just pin it a few times and the pieces will stay together.

To finish pin the set together and add a tag that says: Hand warmers. To use microwave for 30 seconds on high then slip into your mittens or pockets to keep your hands toasty warm!

Thse really work too, i use my prototype every morning when I walk the dog! I used 25-cents-a-sheet craft eco-felt but wool felt would be lovely too! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting


Santa S’mores, a Freebie & 50% off!

Well, now that was a fun attention getting title! I wanted to share the “Santa S’mores” I made (and sold out of) at the craft fair last weekend. They are cute, fun and very easy to make because you can download the sheet of 12 s’more labels I made for this project for free here!

DCF 1.0

Also I made chocolate covered pretzels, basically dip pretzel rods in chocolate and drizzle on more in other colors. You can get crazy and add sprinkles too..whatever floats your boat:)

You will need: Graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows (I tried to find Christmas marshmallow peeps when I was buying supplies but they were not out yet but ACmoore had Christmas trees and snowmen…that would have been cuter than the shaped marshmallows I used), zip-top sandwich bags, 6″x6″ squares of Christmas scrapbook paper and a stapler.

Here’s how:

  1. Put ingredients in baggie and zip shut.
  2. Fold the scrapbook paper in half, place over the zipper top and staple.
  3. Tape label to SB paper topper.

Easy, peasy and a cute gift for classmates, teachers, scout leaders or the bus driver. Who doesn’t want a s’more?  That’s why they are called s’mores because you always want some-more!

Now that I have lured you here with candy 🙂 I will shamelessly plug the 4 day sale in my shop, 50% off everything at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff! Crafting templates, digital stamps, painting kits, SVGs, party kits, you name it, if I sell it it’s on sale!


Here are some kits that might strike your fancy:

Gift Card SVGLearn To Paint: Winter Chickadee
Vintage Wine LablesLearn to Paint: Magnolias

Holiday Bazzar Craft KitExploding Box SVG
Christmas Follies Clips & Cutting3-D Snowflake SVG

Learn to Paint: CrocusGingerbread House SVG
Learn to Paint: Blue Bunting3-D Advent Calendar and Favor Kit
Fun Favors SVGWee Albums

Vintage Christmas LabelsGothic Arch SVG

The sale runt through Sunday so don’t wait! Finish up your Christmas crafting while you save 50% at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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WOYWW: Macaroni Art! {a craft for kids!}

Happy WOYWW! my desk is a bit, well, messy this week…


But look at the cuteness:

angel1 angel2

This is a project that I am making with children at the library tomorrow. These macaroni angels are easy! I am pre-gluing them so the kids can paint and decorate them. Here is a video to show you how:

Other than the macaroni I have odds and ends leftover from craft fair projects. The craft fair was a huge success  You can read all about it and see my booth set-up on this post. If you want to see more crafty desks check out Julia’s blog the Stamp Ground for more WOYWW fun! I’m off to meet a girlfriend and do some holiday shopping today. Til next time happy crafting

A quick gift to make for scouts & campers!

Howdy folks! OK, I am done being lazy, time to get back to business with a quick, easy & frugal gift idea for you…a knot tying kit! BTW, the tins I used are from Papermart.

DCF 1.0

I added another length of para-cord to the kit after I photographed it because hubby did not think that was enough rope. I tried out some of the knots and they was fun, I am going to keep one of these kits myself on the coffee table or in the car to practice during my idle time…maybe I’ll put one in my purse…bet I’ll get some strange looks from folks if I practice not tying while I wait for an appointment…can’t be worse than the looks I get when I juggle…”Don’t like it, don’t look!” that’s what I always say LOL! Anyway I sold 10 on these kits for $3 each at the craft fair this weekend so people liked the idea! Here is a video to show how I made them:

I also put some of the kits in canvas bags, some kids liked that better! If you are handy with a sewing machine you could whip these up pretty easily of buy cloth bags cheap at papermart where I got the tins.

DCF 1.0

Let me know if you have any questions and til next time happy crafting!

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And the winner is…

Howdy folks! After last weeks crafting like a crazy person I decided to be a bit lazy today. I spent my day gluing macaroni and watching trash TV but don’t worry, I’ll have a brand spankin’ new video tutorial for you tomorrow morning:) But now I want to announce the winner of the About Art Accents/Art Neko stamp giveaway from last Monday…..


The winner is Darla! Congrats and have fun with your new stamp! If you are bummed out that you did not win don’t worry, I’ll have another giveaway next month but until then you can shop at Art Neko with my 10% off code: Lindsay10% be sure to check out their sale pages and Christmas stamps too! Thanks everyone for playing and til next time happy crafting!

Craft Fair Success!

Happy Sunday evening! I wanted to pop in earlier and tell you how my craft fair went yesterday but I had to get the house in order first. I vacuumed, mopped and scaled Mt. Washmore and I am pleased to report the place is clean and neat and I am relaxed and happy. Before I get to the nitty-gritty I want to remind you that you still have a few hours to sign up to win a stamp from about Art Accents, just leave a comment on last Monday’s post.

OK, folks, I luckily took some photos Friday night when I set up because I was way too busy on Saturday to take any. Here is a look at the front of my table:


I scored the same corner spot I got last year (and have requested for all future craft fairs) so I had a lot of display room! At the corner of my booth I put a rack of mounted/matted watercolors, all original, and they sold like freaking hotcakes! I priced them cheap, $15-$30 but I am a fast painter so it works for me:) I even got 3 commissions! BTW my hubby built me this print rack years ago when I used to do sidewalk art shows.


I was stressed all week that I did not have enough product for the fair, I crafted like a mad woman and I was still afraid I wouldn’t fill my table. 20 minutes into setting up I realized I had way too much to fit on my table and I had to run home and grab something else to put stuff on, I had this garden cart in my cellar and I hauled it to the fair. I like it!


You haven’t missed any tutorials, many of these projects I made this week and I will be sharing the tutorial later. Like the one for hand warmers. I sold the for $3 a pair of 4/$10 and they seemed to be a hit! I have so many baskets of finished cards that I rotate around to different shops and I grabbed them all for the sale. I scored this card rack for free because the cards were discontinued and the slots are 7″ wide and that accommodates all of my cards (although some might have to be sideways…LOL…oh well, beggars can’t be choosers!) I put small dumbbells in the bottom of the stand to weight it so it would not tip over and cold-cock any of my potential customers 🙂 Oh and the tall white spinner stand (also a freebie) holds my kids handmade jewelry 🙂


My earrings were a big hit, they were $5 and sold like the proverbial hotcakes I mentioned earlier.  People really liked the x-mas earrings too, I offered them at 3/$10 or $5 each…not each, a pair…who need 3 earrings?!?

cf_earrings CF_xmas_earrings

I think $5 must be the “sweet spot” for craft fair sales, the juggling kits were $5 too and I sold all but one set!


But hey, I did give free lessons!


Who is that crazy girl? I juggled off and on (mostly on) the entire day between ringing up sales that were surprisingly brisk! I think I had a dumb grin on my face the entire day, “They like me, they really like me!”

Of course they might just be wondering “Who is that crazy juggler chick in the Santa hat?” but whatever, it brought them into the booth, now didn’t it. Another conversation starter was the wine bottle display…not sure how effective it was because I did not sell a single piece of jewelry displayed on said bottles but again it made people stop and take a closer look and then they noticed my wine bottle bottom candles. I sold most of them too and I considered not bringing them because I though people would think they were tacky (personally I think they are chic)…I am obviously very concerned with what people think of me…NOT!


Apparently people bought the candles for gifts. I brought tiny alpha stamps so I could personalize the wine labels…I did not thing to bring another table so I sat on the floor and stamped…not a new thing for me…people thought I was quirky and delightful…or maybe just weird…


The gift bags that I made in this post were surprise grab bags filled with jewelry I was too lazy to repackage with my snazzy new ATC card labels. I optimistically priced them at $10 but dropped the price to $5 a couple hours into the show when there were no takers. Again, $5 is the sweet spot I think. I sold all but 4 of the grab bags…I though more people would like a surprise…huh.


Oh, I made some goodies too and they sold out, I’ll be sharing the printable for the Santa S’mores later this week so you can make some too! I sold the S’mores for $1 and the pretzels for $2. The kids made the pretzels so they got to split the spoils 🙂 The lip balm purses were quick to make using my Nifty Gifty Template and I sold them for $1. All but 4 sold but I have an order to make more for a customer because I did not have the amount she needed. I made these for my daughters scout troop last year and they were a hit! Oh, in the upper right hand corner I have knot tying kits, they were a also hit and I sold almost all of them! I’ll have a video tutorial on that later this week.


OK, lets get down to brass tacks. Sales were great! I’m not comfortable telling people exactly how much I sold but it was a couple hundred dollars more than I sold last year and the only money I had to shell out was the $25 for the space rental and about $22 for the ingredients for food goodies and lip balm and a few beads that I used for the xmas earrings.  I think the increase in sales this year had to do with the fact that I had some paintings for sale and they were more expensive. Also this being the second year of the show we had more traffic. It also helped that I offered a variety of items at a variety of price points. I had a hope in my mind to make a certain amount but I did not know if it was possible with mainly $1-$5 items but I surpassed my “pie-in-the-sky hope” by $58! Wow!

I was surprised that my Christmas cards did not sell at all this year when I sold out last year but maybe because this years fair was a week later had an effect (too late to send x-mas cards?) but my blank and occasion cards sold very well.

I didn’t need half of the boxes I brought my wares to the show in to bring them home in and after I unpacked the van I sorted and organized everything and packed it away neatly for next year. What was left fit in 2 crates! Hooray to getting rid of stuff! I hope I don’t sound like I am bragging, but it was a great day, I am grateful that people liked my stuff, it can be a little nerve-wracking to put your creations out there for sale, there is the fear that no one will like them or buy them but the payoff is great when they do. I can’t wait til next year! Thanks for sharing this adventure with me and til next time happy crafting!


Today’s the Day! Craft Fair Time!

Howdy folks! I was so busy yesterday making a few more things for my craft fair table that I didn’t get a chance to post (I did make sure to snap pics of all of my ideas so I could share them with you later though!)  I went to the school and got my booth all set up last night. I thought I would get set up and realize that I did not have enough stuff and then come home and stay up all night crafting but that was not the case. In fact my table and 3 racks were insufficient to hold all of my wares and I had to run home and grab a cart from my studio! One thing I did do yesterday was fold a bunch of origami pouches that I can put my customers’ purchases in:

DCF 1.0

These are quick and would make cute and easy gift wrap, this quick 2 minute video how I made them:

I think they are adorable and they sure beat using plastic shopping bags! Well, I better get going, the craft fair starts just over an hour! I’ll share pics of my booth and let you know how it went. I am soooo excited! I just hope I sell something and don’t have to tote all that stuff back home LOL! Wish me luck and til next time happy crafting!