Snow! {better late than never..}

Wait, did I say better?!? The kids were disappointed that we did not have snow for Christmas (I secretly was glad the roads were clear for those traveling!) but boy, mother nature made up for it this week! We got about a foot on Thursday and I awoke to what looks like another 6″ this morning! I’m thinking this would be a good day to stay in my jammies, bake some bread and pick away and my annual craft room reorganizing project. Here is a watercolor sketch I did a few weeks ago of lobster buoys pulled in for the winter:

DCF 1.0

Time for another cup of coffee, fist I think I will visit my chickens (who, by the way, do NOT like the snow) and see if I have any goodies to bring them…I think I should make them some chicken booties so their feet won’t get cold in the snow. We put more savings down in their covered run yesterday to keep them off the snow but it must have been windy because it looks like there is more snow in there today, poor chickens. Has anyone ever knit for a chicken before…wow, I am Turning into “crazy chicken lady!”

Have fun in the snow (if you have some) and til next time happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “Snow! {better late than never..}

  1. How lovely to have the snow, Lindsay. We’ve had no snow here in the UK – just rain, rain, and yet more rain! They say it’s the wettest year on record and now the potato crops are damaged, which means more expensive fish and chips lol!! Lovely picture. At first I thought it was something good to eat, until I read your description! Great colour and texture.

    Happy New Year,


  2. Love your watercolor of the buoys.My uncle has chickens. A couple of winter tips from him: He has a windbreak with a small roof. It looks a lot like a plywood lean-to. The chickens can scratch around out there and be out of the cold wind and snow/ice, He also put a rod horizontally under there with a piece of gutter beneath it. They sit on that, do their business into the gutter, where he rinses it into a bucket for free fertilizer — touch-free.


  3. Send me snow, please! We have not even had flurries. No snow, very cold and high winds so it’s a good day to hang around in pajama’s…wait it’s always a good day for that. We were suppose to get a inch (oh yeah)yesterday but being on the east coast, it turned to rain before a flurry hit the ground. Needless to say I am not happy. The more the snow the better…maybe I should move. Last winter town went into a panic when we got 2″ and that was our snow for the season. The visual of your chickens running around with itty bitty boots on made my morning.


  4. You never mentioned your chickens before — that is so cool. Where I live, are are not allowed to have them. Hope you have a Happy & Healthy & Creative New Year!! Chris



  5. Beautiful watercolor Lindsay. I heard a big dump was coming your way, we got 6 inches on it’s way to you. We did have a light dusting for Christmas, I must say it does look nice. Happy New Year!


  6. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and we have plenty of snow this year, so far more than we had all last year and usually in Jan, Feb is when we get the most snow! I’d be happy to send you some…lol!
    Visions of your chickens with little booties on made my day!
    All the best in 2013!


  7. Snow, I moveda bit south to where I was told there would be some BUT NOT a WHOLE LOT…WRONG I think it followed me..cause we’ve had LOT of snow here to the point where we HAD to buy a snow plow, a small one but still just another item for the garage, yuk yuk should have gone down to Florida, but I also get Heat this will need to belooked at more in the future. any Ideas from anyone???


  8. Your watercolor paintings are soooo good. My daughter recently bought a small charming water color for $20. She adores it because of the content and the size–not much bigger than a postcard. It would make a great gift for anyone I think because being small, no consideration need be given to the recipient’s decor per se,

    I’m sure the painting didn’t take the artist a lot of time. Perhaps you might make some of these for your craft fair??

    At $20 a pop you could make a killing I’d think. Wish I could water color….It looks easy, but I tried it and I think acrylic painting is easier–but not nearly as artsy. I always feel like a small water color with a pleasing scene is very artistic, even in miniature.

    At a craft fair I saw some necklaces–a cord like ribbon with a single pendant which was s mini painting…I loved them and they were $20–a steal I think for a unique piece of jewelry. I didn’t buy one thinking I’d make one myself, but I never got around to it.

    Guess I’m saying all of this because I see how multi-talented you are and hope you are making some money using your gifts. I know you are having a ball and I am the lucky one because you are so generous in sharing your gifts and abilities with us. I realize money is not everything but having fun creating AND getting paid for the fruits of your labor is like getting paid to have fun.


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