WOYWW: A Boxing Day Recap!

Okay, I’m a day late for What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday hosted by the fabulous Julia at the stamping ground. That’s because yesterday I was too busy sorting beads…

DCF 1.0

I got 2 more Ultimate Stackers from my sister for Christmas so I tackled the big box o’ beads I ordered a month ago from Fire Mountain Gems. I placed a large order because I depleted most of my bead stash making jewelry to sell at the craft fair and the beads at Joanns and ACmoore were so expensive that I could not make jewelry with them and earn a profit. The beads from FMG were better quality and a fifth of the price! I paid $1 for most strands of glass beads and they were 12″-36″ long strands! I cannot recommend them highly enough and they did not give me any free beads to say that LOL!

BTW you can see my bead organization video and tips here.

Oh, excitement! My wonderful husband bought me the Fireworks bead making kit for Christmas for making lampwork beads! I now have a bead torch! I just need to pick up a MAPP gas can from the hardware store and I will be in business. You all know how I love to melt gas and work with questionably dangerous tools and supplies! Don’t worry, I will keep the fire extinguisher handy:)


I have been working on some other crafty storage projects yesterday too and I hope to have a new studio tour video up soon since it has been 3 years since the last one and a lot has changed in my little (ahem…ever sprawling…) corner of the basement and I’d love to share that with you. In the meantime the rest of the house looks like a tornado of kid has hit it and I really should do something about that!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

10 Responses

  1. ohhhhh…I would love to come play with you, wiping drool from chin, those beads al look lovely! HA! I will have to go check out that site, thanks so much for the tip! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina for the last WOYWW for 2012 🙂


  2. Mine looks like a tornado also and I don’t have any kids any more to say I have help messing it up.


  3. WOW loads of beads and so well colour sorted well done – happy beading new year BJ#15


  4. Your excitement shines through your post! I’m so happy you are so happy with all your new toys and your new beads and your new bead storage. Too fun!! Wishing you a blessed new year!! Darnell #53


  5. Sounds like you will be having fun thanks to your sweet hubby! Love the beautiful bead boxes too!


  6. Oh, I have ordered from Fire Mountain Gem before, too, and was really really pleased with their prices and the quality. If I sold very much I would probably only make jewelry with their stuff. Let us know how the lampwork bead making goes, please? I love those things but they are pretty pricey. And thanks for running so late this week, it made me not feel so bad at how late I am running! lol 🙂
    Deeyll #62


  7. Awesome lot of beads. DD has a lot of dangerous tools too and enjoys making all her rings, beads etc. Have fun but be careful! Vickie #4


  8. Your desk looks as if it’s covered in a thousand jewels. Absolutely stunning, and well done you for doing some organising. You’re a better woman than I!

    Have a great new year when it comes,
    Rachel #26


  9. Oh em gee, do the gas lamp stuff outside on concrete!! What afab gift though, no doubt you’ll love it, and how gorgeous to make the beads for your handmade jewellery..very special.


  10. FMG are the best, I order them from Australia and have done for many years and their quality is heaps better. Looks like you are having fun with your new toys, it’s always good sorting your new stuff out and putting it in its home ready for use.

    Belated Christmas greetings
    Eliza #36
    sorry a bit late to the desk this week


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