Thank God I married a man who can cook!

Happy Christmas eve folks! I am just popping in with a quick post as I need to ready the house for Christmas Eve guests. My honey is making lasagna, deviled eggs and he already made veggie and chicken soup, I am making my famous rolls and veggie chili and each of my kids want to bake something. I’d say I need to supervise them in the kitchen today but really it is the other way around LOL! I’m no hero, or martyr, when it comes to holiday entertaining  if someone offers to bring something I accept, I use frozen pies (I found 2 vegan Sara Lee pies at the supermarket yesterday-Score!) because, let’s face it, Mrs. Smith and Sara Lee know a heck of a lot more about baking than I do!

DCF 1.0

As I worked on holiday projects this year I would die-cut the scraps into tags, and I am glad I did because when it came time to wrap I couldn’t find the peel and stick variety I bought last year. I like these better any way…that does not mean I am above using office printer labels for gifts in a pinch…see…nobody’s perfect 🙂  So, folks, my advise for today is not to get hung upon the details. Christmas will come whether or not your dishes and gift tags match, if extra people come over and they have to drink from jelly jars, so what, (if you-know-who can sleep in a stable your guest will survive drinking from a Mason jar) welcome them, make room, and oh yeah, one more piece of advise; marry a man who can cook! Merry Christmas and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. Have a wonderful holiday, my hubby also cooks and we buy those pies also for the holidays!


  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I am catching up on blog posts. I am so sorry about your SIL. Sending big hugs.

    My DH is the cook. He loves to cook and that is his down time. I can cook too but I find it incredibly boring. 🙂 This years pies were from Village Inn. Christmas was celebrated yesterday with our loved ones. Xmas Eve & Day are hiding out with Torchwood, Netflix, Chili tonight, Roast tomorrow and a snow storm. Best Christmas ever!


    • I just finished Torchwood, loved it except for the last mini season the children of earth, so dissapointed in Capt. Jack…Merry Christmas!


  3. Thanks for all your ideas through out the year. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


  4. Merry Christmas!!! My hubby is making the soup for tomorrow. Roasted butternut squash soup! Yumm…


  5. Merry Christmas. Love your blog


  6. Hi Lindsay!

    I’m blessed to say I recently married and he cooks often. I’m also blessed to have found your blog this year. Thanks for all the laughs and love you put into your work. I appreciate the inspiration and you.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and wishing you all the best in 2013!
    Peace, love & blessings,


  7. Have a wonderful time………


  8. Happy Holidays Lindsay…thanks for the tips (will have to be for next year)!
    Paper Hugs,


  9. Have an awesome holiday Lindsay as for marrying a man who cooks, I just order Dominos… LOL


  10. Great idea to marry a man who can cook, sounds like you had a great Christmas!


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