Today’s the Day! Craft Fair Time!

Howdy folks! I was so busy yesterday making a few more things for my craft fair table that I didn’t get a chance to post (I did make sure to snap pics of all of my ideas so I could share them with you later though!)  I went to the school and got my booth all set up last night. I thought I would get set up and realize that I did not have enough stuff and then come home and stay up all night crafting but that was not the case. In fact my table and 3 racks were insufficient to hold all of my wares and I had to run home and grab a cart from my studio! One thing I did do yesterday was fold a bunch of origami pouches that I can put my customers’ purchases in:

DCF 1.0

These are quick and would make cute and easy gift wrap, this quick 2 minute video how I made them:

I think they are adorable and they sure beat using plastic shopping bags! Well, I better get going, the craft fair starts just over an hour! I’ll share pics of my booth and let you know how it went. I am soooo excited! I just hope I sell something and don’t have to tote all that stuff back home LOL! Wish me luck and til next time happy crafting!