2 Million Hits {and counting!}

Wow! Sometime yesterday my blog reached 2 million page views! I am really psyched because WordPress does not count my own visits (if that was the case I’d have hit 2 mil years ago LOL!) so that means that actual people are reading this. Thanks people! Well, I am still sewing up a storm to get ready for Saturday’s craft fair so I have little time to chit-chat. Here is a necklace/earring set I made a couple weeks ago. Enjoy!

PS don’t forget to sign up to win the stamp featured in yesterday’s post! On to the pictures, thanks for visiting and til next time happy crafting!

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11 thoughts on “2 Million Hits {and counting!}

  1. Congrates im so happy for you and its a honor to be one of them million. I wish my husband wouldnt of taken my card away i want the earings.


  2. Hi Lindsay
    Congrats on your 2 000 000 hits. No wonder why, your blog is fantastic; in fact it’s one of my favorite. I wish you many more hits and many more years for your blog if this is what you wish too.


  3. very cool!!! BIG CONGRATS!! your blog is informative and your videos are a crack up to watch…even though I don’t think its the java juice that makes you hyper……LOL luv who you are!!!


  4. Yeah for your blog! I look forward to reading it every morning!! 🙂
    Just wondering…would you consider selling your jewelry to us, your readers? Has anyone ever asked about that? I love the color combinations that you’ve put together and would consider buying them as Christmas gifts for the girls in my family! Let me know!


  5. Congratulations, Lindsay! I’m not a bit surprised your blog is so popular.

    Love the jewellery you have made, with the penny-farthing and keys! Great stuff.



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