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Howdy folks! I have had fun this week painting with watercolors and I posted 4 new lessons in my shop Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff. These new lessons are intermediate level. I don’t think they are any more difficult than the beginner projects but they do not have the in-depth explanation of each technique because if you painted my beginner projects (also in my shop) you would already know how to do them. Also if you have painted with watercolors before the intermediate projects should be easy. They are like a traditional painting packet you would buy in a tole painting shop or read in a decorative painting magazine. So basically in the beginner lessons I assume you have never picked up a brush in your life and in the intermediate kits I assume you know basic techniques 🙂 Here is what you can paint!

Winter chickadee (this would be cute on Christmas cards!):


Blue Bunting:


Don’t worry, it is really easy, I like to have several paintings going at once so I have something to work on while I am waiting to parts to dry. One change I made to the intermediate painting kits is that the pattern is a re-sizable jpg so you could print it small to go on a card or larger if you like. Keep in mind that you can change colors and leave out (or add more) spattering because they are YOUR paintings, have fun! All the kits are $3 and think of how much you can learn and the fun you will have! Thanks for stopping by and til next time Happy crafting (and painting!)

Learn to Paint: MagnoliasLearn To Paint: Pussy WillowsLearn to Paint: Blue BuntingLearn To Paint: Birch TreesLearn to Paint Sweet PeasLearn to Paint: CrocusLearn To Paint: Winter ChickadeeLearn to Paint: Coastal LandscapeLearn To Paint Chinese LanternsLearn to Paint: Watermelon!

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  1. Oh wow, Lindsay, I adore your paintings… You are so, so talented! Your style is so individual, with the spatterings, the irregular outlines, and the way you incorporate your signature into the work. I could fill all my walls with them! Just gorgeous.

    Thank you so much for your latest comment, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the journey of my album, and the clock faces lol! I only did that because I haven’t yet designed a proper file tab to go on my tags, and I’m glad I haven’t, because I’m pleased with how the clocks turned out!

    Nil progress today because spending the day with Mum has completely sapped my energy. I had a nice day but it’s hard work because she is so deaf. I cut her hair (very badly!! – but she was very nice about it lol!) and did another inch of my knitting, did a word puzzle with her. had a half-hour sleep on her bed, read my Kindle and then shared the fish and chips that my hubby brought in the early evening. So a busy day lol!



  2. Lovely work Lindsay!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  3. Wonderful Lindsay!
    Amazing paintings!
    I want to show you that I really like your fabulous tutorials you share with us!
    look here..”a littleTthank you” :

    xxx from Austria


  4. My talented friend, you make everything so easy for all of us! These are gorgeous!


  5. Your chickadee is stunning!


  6. Oh my, how beautiful your works of art are. Is there anything you can not do? You are just amazing. If only………… I have a dream, and it is to paint like you. Love it.


  7. I love it , it is beautiful !!


  8. Lindsay … how do I get this winter chickadee lesson !! From 2012 !!! Thanks kath


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