Craft Fair Progress!

I had a wonderful day yesterday! I spent the day chatting & crafting with my good friend Kathy. We were kicking our craft fair prep into high-speed! I’m the kind girl who signs up for a craft fair with no inventory, then crafts like a mad woman to get it done! I made 15 pairs of earrings, 3 necklaces and 4 bracelets yesterday all while gabbing with a girlfriend…not bad says I! Lookie Lookie:

So, rather than bore you with all of my craft makes I’ll show you my favorite set, I call it “Citrus Dream” and it is going to be hard for me to part with this if it sells I Tell you!

This set is one of a kind, I have no idea where I got the beads and the focal beads I had only one of…maybe I’ll just put that one in my jewelry box….I still have a month before the craft fair LOL!

I really love seeing my supplies get used up, I kept a running list of the supplies I was out of or running low on…I think I have an ACmoore rewards check coming my way soon (Thanks to Wanda for putting her purchases on my rewards account during out shopping spree 2 months ago!) and that means a little guilt free retail therapy in my future…a girls gotta have beads right? I do like my sparkly things.

Well, I better go and package up my new makes lest they find their way into my jewelry box by mistake 😀 Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Gorgeous Lindsey. I keep hearing it an online store?


    • They have an online store but it is expensive, they run good deals in their “brick & Morter” stores though, I think they might only be in the north because my friend from Texas says she does not have one down there. They are similar to Joanns or Micheals:)


      • Hi Lindsey, Love your blog. I have learned a lot of new ways to make things. I have been trying to find your recipe for homemade ink cleaner (non-stazon), without luck. I couldn’t pull it up on your tags. Can you give me the date it was posted or the recipe again. Thanks so much , Ruth M.


  2. Love all your beads and what you are doing with them, Lindsay. Every year at our village fete I raid the junk jewellery and buy loads of stuff, which I then disassemble and sort, ready to use in all sorts of projects. Sometimes there are only 2 or 3 decent beads in a piece, not enough to make jewellery with, but they are great added to projects as butterfly bodies, tassels and fringes, etc. etc. Short lengths of chain are useful too! I always save any spare clasps and jump rings. It’s amazing the beautiful stuff you can assemble from junk, ins’t it! I’m definitely getting more into recycling in my art, inspired by the likes of you and Jennibellie – google her and enjoy her – she’s fun and enthusiastic like you lol!!



  3. These are beautiful Lindsay!


  4. You are entitled….keep that gorgeous set if it tickles your fancy!
    Paper Hugs,


  5. Love it all, good luck to you at the craft fair. Your jewelry is beautiful.


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