Video Tutorial: How to Organize Beads & Stuff

Got beads? How about stuff? I’m sure you do. As crafter we tend to pick up little shiny trinkets here and there and file them away. This week I tackled my bins of beads and organized and consolidated the collection to this:


Not bad considering how it looked when I started. I had the above containers as well as another tool box, locker bin, and a bunch of small clamshell boxes. It was madness I tell you! I did not get rid of any of my jewelery supplies, instead I stored them smarter. Look how much stuff fits in these containers:


Instead of explain how I sorted everything I made a 5 minute video. The best feature about this system is that I can fit it in a 18 gallon tote (albeit a heavy one!) so I can cart all of my supplies to a class or upstairs to bead in front of the TV rather than in my unheated studio (I suffer for my art LOL!) Take a look:

If you have any question just leave a comment and I will get back to you. You might have different storage need but I think that keeping like items together is your best bet.

Update on the coffee pot situation, I officially threw the old pot away and went to Target and bought the cheapest one I could find. It is a cute little 5 cupper and I think it looks adorable next to my espresso machine:

Yay! I have proper coffee again! My loved ones are so relieved. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. Imagine that due to KIDNEY Issues, Stones-Stents(a silicone tube literally directly inserted i to the kidney and “anchored w/stiches to the out-side skin 1st 3-4 layers) allsothat the urine can pass, while trying to see if one can “pass” the Jagger spikes crystal stone(s). That And having Microscopic blood-cells IN the urine from ANY form of Irritant to the bladder-SO although I DREAM of having a cup of coffee, and almost go crazy–all I need to REMEMBER is the EXCRUCHIATING Pain, and I’ll have a cup of Herbal tea, and well Peach and wild orange oh oh oh and passion flower these have become new fav’s..but boy do I MISS Just that sip,…just one sip..but NO,NO the Pain the Pain..NO!
    Consider yourself fortunate2 have such a well functioning urinary system! Thanks forthe Bead tips, where did you get the box w/the inner tray???


    • it is a MArtha Stewart tool box, I think it came from Kmart, a girlfriend grabbed it for me:) Lou, you might try a coffee alternative called Soyee or others available at a health food store. it has no coffee in it, it is made from soybeans, not coffee beans. I tried it when I went off caffene a couple of years ago (you can see how well that worked out LOL!) I feel lucky indeed!


  2. Glad you got your caffine straightened out! I don’t bead but I stored all the Bitsey Candi in a revolving spice rack I got at auction for 2.00. I’d like to find another. I too, bring stuff upstairs to work because at this time of year I’d have to start a wood fire or use a heater down there. Solved the light problem but I’m still organizing.


  3. I think we crafters enjoy organizing our stuff as much as using it! You have some great ideas here and so many beads!


  4. Wow! Love your organizers crazy girl!! :)) You are so cute and I really love watching your videos! There are 3 organizers you have that I would like to know where you got them. The white one with the drawers on the bottom (box), The craft one & the one that looks like a CD stack. These are so cool & look like space savers. If you respond here, can y ou please e-mail me too with the answers. Thanks bunches darlin!
    Hugs Lori


    • the white box is the embellishment box from Making memories. the red box is from crafters collections, the kraft one came from Joanns, I don’t know who makes it. I will email you with links because I think they might have them online at joanns:)


  5. I wonder if you cut out the caffine and went back to herb tea if you would talk slower??? You really get a lot into the 5 minutes Lindsay and we enjoy every minute…were you ever an auctioneer? LOL!
    Great organization tips – I think I get ‘almost’ as much satisfaction from the organizing my studio, or even just a part of it, as I do from creating a work of art….I did say ‘almost’ – and the work of art part is my husband’s opinion!
    Paper Hugs,


  6. Hi Lindsay! Good to have a cup of Joe handy when you’re working in the morning! I’ve been working on my jewelry stuff too. Just went and got me a three drawer platic thingy from Big Lots and small boxes to organize them in. It’s so much fun, isn’t it?

    Thanks for the video,


    Carmen L


  7. LOVE your fire! Nothing like a real fire and I really miss our old one. Another great video. Is there a craft you can’t do??!!


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