WOYWW: Rock Me Like a Hurricane!

***Edited to add an apology to anyone one I offended who may have read the first two sentences of my blog post and nothing more. I did not mean to downplay the seriousness of Hurricane Sandy, not at all. Weather forecasters were predicting that we (in Maine) could have several inches of rain and a couple of feet of snow and we lucked out. I feel sorry for anyone who has been hurt, lost property or who have friends suffering with the storm. I wish people would read an entire post before becoming outraged and jumping down my throat. End edit*****

Huh, I just noticed that I have used song titles in all of my posts this week…whatdya know? Hurricane Sandy came and went and despite the prediction that it would be (another) storm of the century it was nothing but some wind and rain for us in central/eastern Maine. My heart goes out to all the folks on the Eastern Seaboard south of Portland that got hit hard and lost homes, businesses ad loved ones. I spent yesterday listing to the thunder and rain, making earrings and watching Doctor Who (Yes! another awesome British TV show on Netflix!!!) Speaking of awesome British things it is time for What’s on your workdesk Wednesday hosted by Julia at the Stamping ground. Check out my hot mess this week:


I went through a couple miscellaneous bins of bead soup and organized my glass beads by color, put away stray findings, cords and other odds and ends that I have picked up but not stored properly and as I sorted I pulled beads to make jewelery with. I was asked to help a couple of Junior Girl Scouts earn their jewelry badge so I figured it was a good time to reorganize and consolidate so I could fit everything back in one tote again…I’ll post picks of my newly organized storage another day. For now, here are my glass beads, looking at their organized goodness makes me happy!!!


I wanted to share a cheap and easy earring packaging idea with you: Cut ATC sided cards, stamp ona frame, poke two holes for the earrings and slip them in clear trading card baggies.


It keeps them clean and from getting lost at a craft fair or in a shop. I write the price on the back in pencil so the buyer and erase it if it is for a gift. I sell my earrings for $5 and they move briskly!


Well, that’s it for me today! I have to get ready to take the kids Trick-or-Treating tonight. A few of us are starting the night’s adventure from my house so I am making a pot of veggie chili and I am going to put out the decorations I made yesterday (I’ll snap a pic of my table tonight!) I hope we keep the tropical temperatures that Sandy brought with her so the kids don’t have to wear their winter coats over their costumes…I’m just glad we are not going out in 2 feet of snow! Oh and an update on the coffeepot, still nor working, I’m gonna toss it, but luckily my espresso machine is running just fine, here is what is in my cup this morning, a large soy-latte:


Not bad, eh? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

28 thoughts on “WOYWW: Rock Me Like a Hurricane!

  1. I have organization envy now! Love your assortment of beads. How nice of you to help the Scouts. AND loving the earring card tip. I do the same just hadn’t thought of the frame stamp, thumbs up!


  2. You are lucky, I live around Cleveland OH & Sandy wreaked havoc on us here! The weatherman said the winds here were more severe than what the coast got. We personally have 2 downed trees & our pool which was pristine when we closed it, now looks like a mud hole because the cover blew off & all the junk that was on top of the cover is now in the pool. There are almost 300,000 people without power & so much distruction from huge, really old trees that have crashed into homes & other buildings. It is snowing in central OH & cold here. Halloween has been postponed till Sunday here too.


  3. I’m sat reading my WOYWW blogs on my sick bed this week but have my mask on so you don’t catch anything. I’m enjoying reading what everyone is up to this week [it’s better than reading magazines 🙂 ]. I’m leaving a copied comment so you know I’ve called by because my hands are too weak and shaky to keep typing out my comments this week.
    Big hugs,
    A x #93


    1. I buy a lot of “value bead assorments’ from sites like consumer crafts, fire mountin gems and companies like Blue Moon. Also the big box craft store have 40% off quite often. Our local bead shop sells bead soup and you buy it by the scoopful. All cost effective ways to buy glass beads!


  4. Lots of pretty earrings being created on your desk. That wind and rain though created alot of destruction and wiped out the shoreline in NJ and caused neighborhoods to catch fire, trees to destroy homes, NICU wards to be evacuated. Lots and lots of damage. Brigita #117


  5. Lucky you if you only had some wind and rain. “(another) storm of the century it was nothing but some wind and rain.”
    I live at the soutern most tip of New Jersey and it’s destroyed as is most of the east coast that people seem to love to visit. Homes are destroyed, business’s gone, millions without power, heat and food, the boardwalk is gone, public transportation is shut down and sad of all lives had been lost. I don’t call 111 homes burnt to the ground in one community…just some wind and rain.
    I had 12″ of rain, 80 MPH winds and a 9.5 ocean surge that came across the retaining wall. The beaches of NJ are forever changed as 90% of the sand in now in the streets.

    I guess you don’t live on the East Coast especially one of the barrier island…otherwise your feeling on the storm would be very different.


    1. Did you read the next sentence in my post, I said that south of Portland got hit hard and my heart went out to all of those who lost their homes and loved ones. I am truly sorry to have offended you.


  6. Love your packaging idea …the designs have endless posabilities. Wow … to all your boxes of beads…they are so pretty….as are your creations.
    Thanks for dropping by my place xx#101


  7. Thanks for calling by Lindsay. Glad you weren’t greatly affected by the storm; some folks will be mopping up and repairing for ages. Your bead storage if remarkable and so are the lovely things you make. The presentation for sale looks excellent and so easy.
    Ros. #102


  8. So now you and V.P. Biden have something in common…U R in Fine Company!–Sure bet crow can taste good if Ur in W/the Type of crowd
    who can BE REAL—and believe me U R as REAL as they come..just like when the horse told the Rabbit what it;s like to be REAL…The Velveteen Rabit..ever read it???


  9. Beautiful earings Lindsay…packaging is wonderful too! Thankful you were not impacted much by Sandy…and that you shared your concern for those not so fortunate who sustained loss and damage. You are exceptional in your caring!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  10. Shame on all the people who jumped down Lindsy’s throat. Have you ever heard of reading the whole article before drawing any conclusion? All your self-righteous indignation and judgement, or shall I say misjudgment were for naught. I think you owe Lindsy an apology. She spends several hours of her time every week sharing on this blog and this is how you treat her?


    1. I totally agree…….. sour pusses and jealous much? sorry for those affected, which included my family and friends up north, but Lindsay didn’t cause the storm, and when you are relieved things didn’t affect you as expected, you wish those who were affected well, and be happy and grateful that you were spared! geeze, people need to chill!! (i wonder how many of you holy than thou naysayers ever laughed at a loved one when they tripped or fell…not that it was really funny, esp., if they got hurt, but it’s called a nervous laugh. have you ever been spared some bad outcome when others weren’t? check yourself in the mirror.


      1. oh and my family was hit in NJ by the way. dont wish those that made it out unharmed or unscathed an ill will! glad for them.


  11. Yummy-looking cuppa there! And I LOVE your beads, that would keep me busy for hours 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! x Chloe 106


  12. Cool idea for the earrings! Cute AND Frugal 🙂

    Happy WOYWW a day late – and glad the storm passed you by. Our houses in NJ are well and truly underwater 😦 but it’s not the first storm to devastate the island!

    Mary Anne (2)


  13. EEKK!! Look at all those Beady shiny things!!! I would never get anything done as I would just get rummage fever!!!
    I am only a Day late for visiting WOYWW-ers but there is so many
    #109 Silvia


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