I’m eating crow on Halloween…how appropriate.

I just wanted to pop in with an apology. I offended many of you with my WOYWW post earlier today. While my part of the east coast was spared from Hurricane Sandy I realize thousands of people were not so lucky. My heart goes out to everyone who endured the worst of it and I wish you health, safety and a swift cleanup. I am truly and deeply sorry for anyone I offended.

10 thoughts on “I’m eating crow on Halloween…how appropriate.

  1. You don’t need to eat any crow Lindsay, you were very clear in that although your area was not greatly effected, your heart went out to those that were.


  2. Ditto to the above…certainly not offended – and, a cute post! We are ALL keeping those on the East Coast in our thoughts and prayers.
    Paper Hugs,


  3. I think your original post said it very well. I live a bit south of you in Maine, the Auburn area. We had very little damage and lights out for 12 hours or so. We were lucky. I thing your blog just provided a place for those more in harms way to vent. If positions were reversed, I think I’d need a place. Don’t take it too personally, and keep up the good work!!!! Love your blog.


  4. There are always folks who will jump down everybody’s throat any chance they get. We just keep on keeping on anyhow. I wasn’ t fussed by what you said either….. I read the post in its entirety.


  5. Not sure how someone could take offense with what you wrote (and I just went back and RE-READ the original post!) It seems that we are now in a sad state of affairs where people hide behind their computers and lash out at others. Sorry you had to experience that. Love your blog, your videos, and your general quirky self! Keep up the great work!


  6. There is nothing wrong with being happy that you have not suffered – it is called life. Being “happy” in no way diminishes your feelings for others who are suffering.


  7. BE HAPPY Lindsey that you and your family did not have the devistation so many others had. I get you blog every day, by e-mail and have never known you to be oblivious of other peoples misfortune. Enough said……keep up the good work girlfriend.


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