They Call Me the Voodoo Woman…

Oh, yeah! I have the Koko Taylor song “Voodoo Woman” playing in my head right now! Today I have a Halloween/Day of the Dead/Voodoo Juju project going on.  But wait! First I want to let you know that everything at Lindsay’s Stamp stuff is 40% off today and tomorrow! No Tricks, only a treat for you…hey, even the voodoo woman’s gotta pay the bills LOL! OK, enough of that foolishness, this week I have been playing with one of the humblest of art supplies: Plaster of Paris. Lookie what I made:

I made a bunch of the skulls bones and fingers by pouring plaster of paris in Halloween ice-cube molds I got at the dollar tree. This would be great for Christmas ornaments too when the Christmas themed molds are out. Also you can use candy molds. I am helping the librarian with the Day of the Dead craft this week (She had made 50 real sugar skulls for the kids to decorate!) and I came up with this as an additional craft for the kids to make. Instead of sugar I used glitter from Papermart. The fingers and bones are for my Halloween home decor project. Here is how I did it:

What I think is fun is that you can give someone the finger this Halloween! Hardy-har-har…I can’t resist a good pun.

Other things to do with Plaster…

  • DIY Sidewalk Chalk: Mix tempera paint or food coloring to the water before adding plaster and pour into molds or toilet paper tubes wrapped in plastic wrap for custom colorful sticks of chalk!
  • DIY Chalk Paint: Mix one part plaster of paris to 2 parts latex paint for a beautiful opaque matt paint. Seal with a rub on wax for a satin finish.
  • Faux Paper Mache: dip strips of gauze or newspaper in plaster of paris for a quick drying sculpture material!

I hope I gave you some fun ideas on using plaster of Paris. Let me know if you have any questions and til next time happy crafting!