Woo hoo witchy woman {see how high she files…)

Happy Monday! I have has a cross between the song Gypsy Woman and Witchy Woman stuck in my head since Saturday when I volunteered to play the fortune-teller at my kids’ school (and yes, I scrapped it already…patting myself on the back as we speak LOL!) All weekend I have been singing the song Witchy Woman but saying “gypsy” instead of “witchy” because in general I am clueless about song lyrics and let’s face, it the song Witchy Woman rocks way more than Gypsy Woman so that is my theme song this week. So there.

Raven hair, ruby lips, sparks fly from her fingertip…that lyric inspired the glitter/sequin treatment on this page. After I had the page all laid out with photos and everything I dipped a fan brush in my Homemade Glitteriffic Glam paint and made big random swirls on the page. It was a bit of a leap of faith because I printed the photos 10 minutes earlier and I wasn’t sure the printer ink was dry. I am a rebel I tell you. Then I left it the heck alone to dry which only took a few minutes on the paper. Yay future floor wax! Here is a peek at my journaling, I rarely type it but I had a bit of space on the photo paper I printed the pictures on so rather than waste it I typed out my story.

For the title I wanted it to be a bit mystical, as in appear and disappear, so I used a scrap of metallic gold sign vinyl (my SIL works at a banner & sign shop and she gives me the scraps that are too small for their machines) and cut out the words “Gypsy Woman” using the gypsy font and my Cricut. Here is the deal for cutting contact paper or sticky back vinyl with you electronic die cutter. Use a depth of 3-4 and pressure at low. It will cut the vinyl but not the backing paper. The you can peel off the waste and you are left with just the letters and that is easy to deal with. Here is the title as it catches the light:

As for embellishments I kept it simple, Just a few sequins. I wanted to share how I made the background paper. I got an awesome stamp called Articulated Skeleton  from Lost Coast Designs all of the bones are separate so for the background I just slapped all the stamps randomly on my Rock-a-block and stamped away on a sheet of  very subtle pattern paper. Then I placed a wall stencil down and sprayed it with ink. I cleaned my stamp and switched to a standard flat acrylic block and stamped out the skeleton, bone by bone, on a piece of black cardstock, tor the edge and stapled it to the page. The leaf die cuts were done on a Sizzix Eclips when I was testing one out for my kid’s school, I had inked them and hot glued them on. Pretty fun, artsy and easy!

 I have to be honest, I had the page background done a month ago, I was just waiting for some Halloween photos to put in. I really like “pre-scrapping” because I have no fear of wasting the perfect photo, it is so freeing, you should try it sometime!

You might be wondering how I did as a “psychic”, well, not too bad judging from the long line of customers I had all night. But I must say towards the end I was running out of material, I actually told one kid that he was going to move to Peru and be an Emu farmer…do they even have Emus in Peru? And I did it all in costume with a thick Eastern European accent that sounded like a cross between Angelica Houston in the movie “The Witches” and Balki from the 80’s TV show “Perfect Strangers.” The PTG got their money’s worth that night…wait, I worked for free…ha ha, beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

woo hoo witchy woman see how high she flies
woo hoo witchy woman she got the moon in her eye…Happy crafting!

12 thoughts on “Woo hoo witchy woman {see how high she files…)

  1. Too fun! You always bring a smile to my day Lindsay – it is appreciated!!! Looks like you almost missed your calling!
    Paper Hugs,


  2. Too fun!!! Sounds like you had as good a time as the kids!!! Nice layout and I love the cans the kids decorated. You are so darn creative!!! Can I be your kid?


  3. omg I totally and completely have to have that skeleton stamp!!!!!!!!! that is by far the best stamp ever!!! so disturbing HAHA

    Jackie P


  4. You look adorable in your costume. Bet you had loads of fun too:) Love reading your fun filled blog. Happy Crafting!!!


  5. It could be that YOU Yourself may have found a NEW way to un-leash a new way to allow Your “Spiritiual Creativity” to become-UN-Leashed.
    There in lies many fine new ways where your NEW un-leased creativity will KNOW-no bou ndries!!


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