One of these days I’m just going to buy a cake…

I say it every year, the night before my kid’s birthday “next year I am buying a cake!” but for some reason I never do. Well, there was that year when my son turned 2 and my twins were a month old. That year I ordered a “Blues Clues” cake but other than that I have made them all. I even looked at the pre-made cakes at the supermarket but none of them were what I, or rather my son, wanted. He wanted to take “Angry Bird” cupcakes to school and, well, Angry Birds are pretty simple and I figured I could whip up a batch post-haste:


Many times I make my own cakes because being a vegan I cannot eat store-bought cakes with eggs and milk in them. I had no desire for my normal, heavy, dense cupcakes so I made Jackson’s cupcakes with fresh eggs from our chickens. I was a bit afraid because someone told me that fresh eggs bake differently but luckily the were light and fluffy, what a concept!


I used to make my frosting from scratch, the stiff, untasty, decorating stuff but a couple of years ago I decided that the kids would rather have frosting that, I don’t know, tastes good so I went over to the dark side and embraced the Pillsbury! I took 2 tins of vanilla icing and divided them (BTW I made a batch of chocolate and white cake-that’s why the 2 containers of frosting) and tinted it blue, green, yellow and red and iced the cupcakes a solid color. The eyeballs were flattened mini marshmallows with a chocolate chip stuck in. The beaks were candy corn dipped in yellow frosting (fancy, I know), the angry eyebrows were black licorice…a note about black licorice: buy licorice whips and not Twizzlers unless you want to spend a lot of time cutting the thick ropes into this strips. The Zombie pig teeth were flattened mini marshmallows cut into 8ths and the snouts were the marshmallows dipped in green frosting, I only had mini marshmallows left over from my homemade marshmallow shooters (don’t worry, it was a fresh bag!) but I think the snouts would be better from standard marshmallows. I am a make-do kind of girl especially the night before a birthday LOL!

So, there you have it, easy angry bird cupcakes! Now I have a year to forget that I hate baking before I make another batch LOL! I hope everyone in the path of the “Superstorm” heading up the east coast is prepared and safe, I have heard we may get a few inches of rain AND snow but it won’t be the first year I’ve taken the kids trick-or-treating in the snow, plus, I’m a Mainer ans we are pretty hardy folks! Stay safe and til next time happy crafting!