Glitter it {Just a Little Bit!}

Woohoo, It’s Friday and I’m playing with glitter!!! update on my coffeepot situation-the coffee maker is still not working BUT I rooted around in my basement last night and found my old espresso machine and I must say after 4 shots of hazelnut espresso I am feeling pretty optimistic! That, and I get to have lunch with 4 of my favorite people today, it’s gonna be a good one! Oh, yes back to the glitter, check out the glitteriffic glaze I made:

The glitter I used and the pots I put the paint in are from Papermart. The glitter is super fine and only .99 cents a tube! Look at the glittery goodness!

It is so simple! Here is a video showing how I made the paint as well as many other ideas on using glitter. I will warn you I am a bit giddy here, there might be some singing….If loving glitter is crazy I don’t wanna be sane!

So, do you want to play with glitter now? Here are the glittered cards from the video. It is nice to be able to do the glitter sheet technique without the adhesive sheet. I had a thought after doing the video that you could also use spray adhesive (aerosol spray glue) over the colored panel and glitter and not need the embossing powder, even better!

Well that’s it for today, I have Thai food in my future then it is off the set up games for the Halloween party at the school, the PTG put me in charge of games this year and I was a bit nervous but I think I have it under control…false sence of confidence? Yep, the caffeine is doing its job LOL! Have a great weekend and til next time happy crafting!

16 thoughts on “Glitter it {Just a Little Bit!}

  1. Love this video tutorial, Lindsay – I’ve just susbscribed to your Youtube channel as well as being a member on here. I adore your enthusiasm and bubbly personality! The glitter paint idea is brilliant – one thing I hate about using glitter is that however careful you are, you always end up with a gritty mess, but with these paints, it would be so nice and clean. I’m not sure whether we can get that furniture polish here in the UK but I expect any clear liquid wax would do?



  2. LOL, we can defiantly tell you’ve had your coffee today 🙂 Awesome, fun video, hadn’t heard of using the future polish like that, so thanks for the tip, and new fun ways to play with my glitter stash. BTW, I think you would rock the glitter boots.


  3. Fabulous tutorial Lindsay! Am thinking of items I can bling up right now! Wow I wish I had half as much energy as you do hun – you make the learning fun! I need to change from english tea to espresso! hugs Karen from England


  4. Great video Lindsay,! You do know espresso is a bit stronger than coffee, right? ha ha, just kidding. Good to see you feeling so bright and happy. Loved the last technique for glittering it up, I have already bookmarked the Paper Mart website, thanks.


  5. Thanks for visiting, Lindsay, and I’m so glad you enjoyed my tyger! Thanks for the tip about the wax. I have been thinking about it today, and I’ve got some acrylic polymer which is a slightly viscous liquid (a lot more liquid than my acrylic gel mediums) which is used for sealing stuff (e.g. between layers with different treatments in mixed media art) and I think this would work brilliantly with the glitter – it’s slightly milky in the bottle but dried crystal clear, and has very good adhesion, and won’t rub off.

    I’m dying to try the glitter technique on my spare pare of black ankle boots – and maybe even add some silver glitter swirls – and try and find some silver laces! How cool would that be? Lol!



  6. hey there!!
    I just wanted you to know..I trashed my wrist..something about ligament and muscle damage….anyhoooo…I haven’t been able to check emails (no right hand makes it hard LOL) sooo I am really behind on my mail..and OMG I have missed so many goodies from you!!!!! So tonight I will relax and watch your videos!!!! Laughter is the best medicine right???
    take care


    1. Thanks Jackie, I never planned my how-to videos to be funny but I’ll take it over being boring and dry:) I hope you feel better and are back to crafting soon:) I’ll keep the videos coming for you though:)


  7. My 10 year old thinks it funny that someone as old as I am loves glitter. How did you ever know to use floor wax? LOL

    Thanks for another wonderful tip.


    1. Polymer clay artists have been using FFW for years so I though, why not add glitter LOL! I’m probably not the first to think of it but I felt pretty smart when I did:)


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