WOYWW: Glitter and a Broken Coffee Pot…

OK, Most weeks I post my What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday post on Tuesday night because the WOYWW phenomenon originated in England (and Wednesday comes earlier there) so I feel cool, hip, and ‘in the know’. I have been feeling especially hip, saucy and I daresay ‘cheeky’, this week because I found a treasure trove of French & Saunders radio show episodes on You Tube and I have been listing to those hilarious broads all week. Today though, I feel neither hip not hilarious because I awoke to a broken coffee pot. I splashed water on the LCD screen of the machine while washing dishes yesterday (nothing good ever comes out of housework!) and now it won’t work until it is fully dried out. Whaaa. I have been trying to rig up a cup of joe this morning by slowly pouring boiling water over a filter of coffee grounds…I have a bit done…I’ll let you know how it turns out at the end of this post.

Oh, you don’t care? You are here for the desk? Alright then, this week I have been playing with glitter:

I tried the glitter sheet stamping technique with new cheap (as in 99 cents a BIG tube) glitter from Papermart and it worked better than the other, more expensive stuff I had. Score! I am working on a new glitter video and here is a shot of my desk BEFORE I cleaned it:

Yikes! And yes, that is a pair of combat boots, freshly glittered, you see there. I have to say that I can’t think of a better way to spend a day than listing to French & Saunders while playing with glitter! Happy!!! I am beginning to think that the British have it all going on…they have Sherlock, AbFab, and awesome accents.

Fo those who are wondering, I just poured my first cup of experimental coffee and it’s not bad. It tastes like French pressed…ohhh, maybe I’ll call it ‘French & Saunders Pressed!’ I feel hipper already!  Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

PS wanna see more desks? Check out the Stamping ground for What’s on your Workdesk Wednesday!

30 thoughts on “WOYWW: Glitter and a Broken Coffee Pot…

  1. You have a fab writing style, for sure! I love the colorful glitter cards!
    By the way I think the Just Cards Steampunk addition is out and I didn’t get a copy and I don’t know if they used my boxes as they said they would. Do you have a copy to look into?


  2. I really like that technique – it looks quite vintage, land bet it would look fab with fruits and flowers. Cool beans – something new to try!

    Happy WOYWW

    Mary Anne (15)


  3. Pretty card, looking forward to the glitter video. Love how you put all the images together and the glitter looks great! Good to know on the coffee too!


  4. Oh the coffeepot is not cooperating. Doesn’t it know it is not suppose to break? Making it by hand, hmmm..well I guess you have to make due huh? I hope the rest of your day improves.

    Well the card you created is gorgeous. Love the close up of the pretty glitter. Case made that expensive is not always better. I like that.

    Have a blessed week!
    Belinda (28)


  5. Oh Yes! More glitter please!! Those boots are definitely fab. As above, hope your day improved….. and that the rest of your week is great too x Chloe 85


  6. Your post made me remember my great grandmother. She had a small metal drip coffee pot. (My parents still use the same kind just larger.) Anyway she would put boiling water by the spoonfuls only!! It was slow but she said so important for the perfect cup of coffee, dark roasted of course! The pot would sit in a shallow pan of water like a double boiler on slow heat to keep it piping hot. I thank you because you gave me a thought for a scrapbook page! I am wondering what is the pledge wax for? lol sorry I must have missed that class!


  7. Well, I want to be hip and happening too, so I’m off to You Tube to find out about French and Saunders! And your right, nothing good comes out of housework! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina 🙂


  8. Lindsay, I just LOVE your videos! And what are you doing with the Future Floor Wax? Y’know, YEARS ago I bought some of that to put in an Aquapainter and I *think* I was supposed to use it with PearlEx, but I can’t remember now! I’m an SU demo, so most of my stuff is SU, but I’m hoping to do some art journaling and I’m SO *not* artistic – I can’t draw a stick figure. But I’m hoping to play around with some stuff. I got some Gesso (the Claudine Hellmuth kind), some small bottles of Claudine’s studio acrylic paints, an art journal with watercolor paper, and some Tim Holtz distress inkpads. Thanks to your videos I also am waiting for my 36 Bic Mark It markers to get here today to try the copic-style coloring and yes, I ordered the Copic colorless blender!! I’m wondering if you have any videos on art journaling for people who can’t draw stick figures??

    As far as the coffee goes, we have a Keurig, and when it breaks, it’s a DISASTER, and it has to be replaced ASAP!


  9. YOU are my daily shot of caffeine! Love your videos, posts, and anything Lindsay that comes my way! Thank you very much – BTW I’m English, living in the US since 1988, but hubby and I both have our (almost) original accents! Hugs Julie


  10. Love the glitter boots. Beautiful card. Going to check out the glitter information next. And we do care about the coffee dilemna just as much as snooping on your desk.
    LisaDV #164


  11. What a travesty! No Mojo from a coffee pot? Doesn’t it make you wonder how it was done in the past. Or how long it took, lol. I’m sure it was worth trouble.
    Any who, love your gorgeous creation. The glitter looks great.
    Hugs, Dangina #156


    1. yes, I mixed the pledge with the glitter, the tutorial is up on my blog today! I added a coat of spray sealer after it was dry too:)


  12. The words just seem to flow from you in a zanny way, I like that, it’s easy to read and entertaining. You did well with the coffee, I’m impressed, I am a real b..ch without my coffee but I have a machine that grinds the bean, spits out the liquid and I just pour the frothed milk, latte, beautiufl.

    Love the glittering I just don’t seem to be able to perfect the art of glittering, it gets everywhere even on the cats.

    Thanks for shairng I am always popping in on you, I probably broke you coffee pot, there was no coffee in it and I don’t do instant, sorry.

    Eliza 88


  13. I care about your coffee situation! really takes me back that you were pouring water over the filter…you have to remember to keep going back, huh! Love the glittery technique, those little blue birds look gorgeous in sparkle. You’re turning into an Anglophile gal, what with your current F&S listenings!


  14. love the card and the boots! does it seal the boots as good if say mod podge was used? i want to try it…what material was the boots? thanks 🙂


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